Life is Life

"And your total comes to $307.45, m'aam. How would you like to pay?" I recited the words I said at least twenty times a day. "Cash, please." She looked tense. Her baby was wailing, her two twin sons were fighting, and to top it all off, her bill was huge. She handed me a wad of cash. I counted it, put it in the register and she left. "Venice, please come down to aisle 4." I heard over the speakers. I flicked the light on top of my stand off and went down to aisle 4. Magazine department. Ah, hell. "You're taking my shift." The grubby fat man whose name I recall to be Jeremy. "But-" "No buts honey. They trust me here. You want this job, don't you?" I looked down at the barf that was splattered all over the floor and the broom that he handed me. This is going to be a long day.

The End

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