The Hidden Pathway


That was when total chaos erupted.

The beautiful, pale creatures known as vampires fought in blurs, seemingly not moving at all if you were a mortal. I saw every movement, every little thing that they did. I watched as the enemies pounced with animalistic grace, and even though everyone was trying to kill each other, it looked like a dance.

I couldn't stand it. We had the numbers, but the other vampires were wild, stronger than we. I had to do something. I closed my eyes, and I didn't like what I was about to do. But when I opened them, I knew what they were like. My golden pair of eyes surveilled the whole cemetary as I rose into the air, hovering. I closed my eyes, focusing on the wild creatures that I could sense. They were everywhere. Their auras in my mind-senses were bright flares of scarlet.

I extended my mind bubble around the place, shaping it to protect my allies and leave my enemies exposed. I focused my powers, and the sleeping energies within my mind awoke.

I allowed the thunderous roar to ring through the cemetary as the wave of power exploded from my core. A psychic ripple of power washed over the cemetary, sending my enemies hurtling away, flying hundreds of feet. The power extended, and I pulled it back in, creating a force-field. Then, I allowed the force-field to explode again, knowcking them back even farther, and then it coalesced into a visible shape.

The silvery violet dome shimmered around us, an iridescent shield that seperated us from them. I saw Colin smile in silent appreciation, and I lowered the shield. My friends and allies surged forwards, killing the vampires that hadn't been killed. All of my allies seemed shocked at what I'd done having never seen it before.

When they returned, they were clapping, aupplauding Colin and I. Colin laughed and bowed theatrically, and I followed his lead. Even Zephyr was clapping. I laughed with Colin, and he punched my arm playfully. If I'd been a human, the punch probably would have fractured my shoulder. I looked over at him as my eyes turned silver again.

Content with my work, I bowed again, and Colin and I fist-pounded. As we walked, the crowd behind us chattered with excitement, and I was glad.

"...did humans a favor!" said one happily.

"Colin and Zane are better than Dan!"

"That was terrific."

"That was the most fun I've had in two hundred years!"

The fact that they were all happy only feuled my excitement, and I was suddenly glad that I'd used my powers for them to see. Now, they truly respected me.  Not just because of my powers, but because I'd helped lead them. All they'd needed was a candle to see the path that was hidden in darkness.

The other vampires were the darkness.

Colin was the path.

I was the light.

The End

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