Our First

I didn't expect everyone to be so approving. Zephyr was right, in a way; just because I killed Dan, it seemed like everybody worshipped me. I didn't want to be their leader. I just had an idea that I wanted to put out there. Luckily, everyone was in-- even Zephyr, which I wasn't really happy with; I was kind of expecting him to go off alone, leaving me alone, but no, he had to stay with his wife, Zafrina.

 Everyone cheered yet again, and I was carried off like a footballer who'd scored the winning goal. I asked them to put me down, but they didn't want to. Well, it wasn't doing any harm, was it?

 I decided to start the training that night. There wasn't much to do; we were all trained in every fighting technique, and we all knew how to kill vampires, but I just wanted to be sure. We sparred a little, and that was about it. We were ready.

 That night, we went out for our first kill. We lurked around the city, waiting in the scrummiest places we could find, but vampires weren't present. Luckily, Zane had an idea. The cemetery.

 It wasn't far from where we were, but we could've taken a very long walk, because we were so geared up. The cemetery was very spooky at night, and we had decided to go there, not because we were waiting for vampires to rise from the grave, but because we knew they'd hang out here.

 We all had weapons-- wooden stakes, crossbows and vials of Holy Water (we were careful not to break those vials. They were deadly!). We circled around the old graveyard twice before we found a vampire. It was feeding on a teenage girl with blonde hair and barely any clothes on. She was moaning and groaning, obviously drained so much that she couldn't build up any energy to scream properly.

 We were all ready and in place immediately. Three of our men had crossbows aimed at the vampire's heart, nine had vials of Holy Water, ready to throw, and the rest of us- including Zane and I- had wooden stakes.

 The one's with wooden stakes attacked first. Being vampires ourselves, we knew that he definitely wouldn't be alone. Zane and I were the only ones who were brave enough to attack. Zane struck the vampire on the head, I knee'd him in the groin, causing him to instinctivly bend down. Onto my wooden stake. I heard a sighing sound, and the vampire crumbled to dust on my hands. I heard that same sigh again next to me. Zane had killed another. That was when everyone attacked.

The End

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