"Just think about it," said Colin. His dark hair fell down his pale face, and he tranfixed me with his bright blue stare. I shifted under the attention as he explained again. "What if it was only the bad ones that we killed? The ones that were good we could recruit!"

"There aren't that many good vampires, Colin. I would hardly even consider myself good, much less any other ones!" I looked at him for a long period of time.

"What's the matter with the idea?"

"It's contradictory and hypocritical!" I exclaimed. "It defies all logic!"

"Then forget the logic! Look, do you get what I'm asking you?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. "You want me and the rest of our old group to help you slay other vampires. Which is usually considered treason in most countries."

"Alright, now is there something wrong with avenging lives that were taken by careless vampires?" he asked. I paused, looking at his perspective. It did make some sense...

"But we're killing off our own kind! Doesn't that seem morally wrong in a sense?" I asked. "I know that I'm a bloodsucker, but it doesn't mean that I lost my moral compass when I was Turned, you know."

"It isn't wrong if we're doing the mortals a service, now is it?" Colin asked. His idea was starting to make more and more sense. I thought about it for a long moment, and then looked at him again.

"I'm in," I said. He pulled back his elbow quickly, a motion of saying, 'yes!'. "But only the bad ones."

"Definitely," he replied. "Only the bad ones."

I nodded, and he embraced mwith his powerful arms. He was crushing me, and I had to push him away so that I wouldn't die... again. We were walking, him talking excitedly about how good we were going to be, and how we were heroes to the mortal community even though they didn't know it yet. We walked back into the old assassin headquarters and gathered everyone into the office. There was a stage there, and I was in the crowd while Colin stepped onto the stage.

There were about fifteen vampires including Colin and I. I watched as the silence fell over the crowd and everyone stopped darting around at inhuman speed. Colin began to speak, and the vampires turned and watched him. "Hey, guys. I'm Colin. You know, the one who... um... killed Dan." Cheers erupted from the crowd, people whistling in approval. "So, I have this idea."

"Just because you killed Dan doesn't mean you get to act like our leader!" yelled out one of them. I recognized the voice. It was Zephyr Gray. He was rash, and never thought before he spoke.

"Zephyr, let him talk," I said.

"You aren't my boss, bud. No one is now!" Zephyr exclaimed from across the room. I was two inches from his face in less than half a second, staring him down.

"Are you asking to die twice, Zephyr?" I asked. "You know what I'm capable of. Now I suggest you listen to Colin before I get a little more angry." Zephyr simply nodded his head, and I walked back to my spot.

Colin explained his idea, and when he went over the details, several people agreed to it. "Why not? If it redeems us, then let's go for it!" said one of them.


"Let's do this guys!"

"Then its settled," said Colin. "We slay!"

The End

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