Celebrated Loss


I stared angrily across the room at the man who I hated. He was so close to death, so near the time when he would fall and we would all celebrate. He was inhuman. He was worse than any of us, any one of the people who stood in the large doorframe that seperated us from him and Colin, who clutched Dan by his throat. I hated this man for what he'd done to me. He didn't have the right to do what he'd done. He'd made me like him, and I still held contempt for him.

One hundred and twelve years ago, Dan had come for me. I was living in the place where I had been born, in England. He'd tracked me with a superb sense of smell, and I knew he wasn't human the moment that I'd seen him. He was extremely pale, with hair that held a strange tinge of blue to it. He looked like a celebrity or something. But I knew that I looked like that now.

Even next to any of the other... vampires I knew, I still managed to like like a male celebrity supermodel. I had a scent, an aroma that seemed to attract humans to me. My beauty and my smell were not just for any reason. They were for the humans. It appealed to them, making me into a monster, a weapon created only to feast on the blood of humans. They followed me because of the strange pull they felt towards me, like I had my own magnetic pull, or a gravitational field. I was to kill them.

The horrible man who had done this to me-- Dan-- had decided  that I was a special human. One who had demonstrated considerable ability, even for a vampire-- though I was not one at the time. He said that I would make an amazing vampire, one who would surpass many. He'd said that I would have... abilities that others would not. He'd said as much to Colin and one other girl. I remembered it like it was yesterday, and I was still angry. I stood there, knowing that everyone around me was completely capable of tearing the man to shreds. It would be so easy with all of us. If only Colin would move aside for three seconds...

NO! I thought angrily. We're trying to avoid bloodshed!

"Let go of me please, Colin," said the man, suddenly acting calm. "You know better than this."

"We. Want. OUT," replied Colin simply. I stepped into the room, and Dan looked over at me with aged eyes. They glowed, like all of ours did. I glared at him, but he didn't seem to notice. He stared at me with a pleading look on his face.

"Please, Zane," he said. "Get your friend off of me! I haven't done anything wrong! You don't even have to touch him to get him off--"

"Stop it Dan," I said. I knew what he'd been talking about. I ignored it and glared at him across the room, and I was there in a sixteenth of a second, staring into his eyes. "You deserve whatever you get."

"I've known you all of your vampire life and this is how you repay me?" he demanded.

"I owe you nothing!" I exclaimed, my temper rising. "You've known me all my life? So where were you when the pain set in, while I slowly turned into a vampire. Where were you when my heart stopped beating? You only Changed me so that you could add me to your collective army of vampires, and the number has dwindled. Do you even know how many of us there are now? Twenty. Out of what used to be forty six! You don't know because you don't even care, Dan!" I spat his name out. "I never wanted to be a vampire. I never wanted to be like this! But somehow, you thought it to be alright to turn me into one without my consent.

"You know how old I was when I pretty much died? I was seventeen. SEVENTEEN for crying out loud! My parents died thinking I was dead, which, metaphorically, I am. Right now, I'm using every ounce of my self-control to not tear you to pieces, Dan."

"You would never--" he started, and I darted closer, at his ear in less than a millisecond.

"Try me," I whispered. "Do you want to see how far you can push me until I snap and kill you? Speak one more time, then." He said nothing. "That's what I thought."

Colin looked over at me, smiling faintly. I nodded to him, and he took the lead again. "You do realize that once you're dead, all our ties to you are gone, right?" he said, smiling. I ran the possibilities through my head. A quick bite at the neck would be fastest, but the slowest and most painful would be the one to the stomach. "We can start our own organization, one that's like family rather than tools."

"Oh really? Who will manage this 'family'?" he asked.

"Did you just speak?!" I asked, smiling. He became quiet, and I could sense his hostility.

"I could," declared Colin. "I would need help, though. Zane could help me. We'd figure something out. Anything's better than being the way we are right now. You've turned so many vampires into mindless killers, and now, we'll get rid of them."

"I've had so many days, feeling a growing emptiness inside of me," I said. "Watching the people I love die while I stay frozen, forever seventeen, stuck in this body while time flows harmlessly around my unnatural self. I have no heart, no need for air, no need for food! This is not a good way to... I can hardly use the word live. All I ever feel now is thirst, the urge to drink human blood. This is not how it should be. I am young, but 112 years is too much to be living as a killer. One day is too much. You never got it, and you never will, Dan."

"You insolent, ungrateful servents!" he exclaimed as I turned. "This is how you--" his speech was cut short by a squelch. I knew the sound well.

It was done.

I heard Dan's limp body fall to the ground as the cheering began, and I couldn't help but to feel happy.

For once in 112 years, I was happy.

The End

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