Chapter One: Leaving

 I walked silently to the master's office. I was angry. I had specifically asked him only to send me to kill someone if said someone had done wrong -like murder wrong. This guy slept with his ex-wife. How petty.

 "Dan!" I shouted. When I was angry, he'd always know it, because that was the only time I'd ever use his first name.

 "Now look, Colin, he was a horrible man. He practically had murdered. Murdered my heart." I rolled my eyes.

 "Your heart hasn't beat since the eighteenth century!" I shouted, still marching up to his desk which was on the other side of the huge room. I decided walking was taking too long. I ran, and I was there in seconds. I grabbed him by the throat.

 "We're not evil." I stated, lifting him slowly off his chair. This guy wasn't just a vampire, but also a very respected man. "We don't kill for no reason." He was whimpering, looking away from my face. "And we want out."

 "W-we?" he said before noticing the crowd of snarling vampires at the door. They were all angry with him. I could feel him gulp.

The End

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