Life is an Experience

As vampires, working as assassins was easy. Killing people was just a short job. But they were bored. Bored of being bad. So now they slay their own kind.
Join Colin and his other vampire friends on their journey of slaying.



Originally, I was from Ireland. I don't remember much from my human life, but I remember always sleeping rough, and learning how to fight. I still carry my trust old sword that I named it Tranche, which is French for 'Slice'. It sounded cool, and I didn't want it to be a common name like Slice.

 I learnt how to speak French from years of living there, assassinating people. I worked for money, and money only. Life is only an experience. There's loads more to it. Vivo es un Experiencia. Oh yeah, I also learnt Spanish...


 But after a while, assassinating people got a little bit boring. Repetitive. I did it without even thinking. The only thing I was ever thinking about was what my life could've been if I were free to live by my own rules, and not the organization of vampires. But I always thought I could never know. How wrong was I...

The End

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