Life is a Celebration

One should celebrate life everyday. One of my favourite sayings is that Life is for the living. If you are dead, well then you can't be celebrating life.

Life is for the living, that has become my motto in life today.  Although it took a serious illness, for me to sit up and realise that I didn't want to die, I still had too much living to do.

Why is it that one needs either a near death experience, or something drastic to happen, to wake up to what life is really all about.  We human beings are really very strange people.  We are supposed to have thinking brains, and know more about what's going on in life, yet we know nothing at all.

Life is far to short as it is, yet we waste so much of it chasing our tails, going round and round in circles, never knowing where we are going or what we are really looking for.

Every morning and every night before I go to sleep I take a few minutes to give thanks, and count my blessings.  For that is all that is needed and all it takes to give thanks for life.

Every day one needs to treat as a celebration, being thankful, for what they have, and strangely being thankful for what they do not have.  Yet it is the one thing we seem to forget, instead most people tend to pray for what they want or think they need, never stopping to say thank you once they get it.

Yet by taking a few minutes a day saying thank you is such a simple thing.  Thank you for the rain, or the sun, or the roof over my head, or the clothes I have.  We don't need to have grand salutations, the simpler the better I say.

I am now in my 11 th year of remission and every day I am thankful to be here celebrating life and the living of it.

This is more I suppose about taking a spiritual journey, and sharing what we are most thankful for in life. Or to share experiences, that made you feel thankful to be alive and join in the celebration of life.

The End

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