Life Is a B*tch and So Are YouMature

A young teen has problems with a verbally and occasionally physically abusive father. She dresses very poor even though she has the outfits and capability to dress beautifully. This girl has a history of bullying and has problems trusting people but loves attention from any kind of male.

“Shut the fuck up you fucking bitch”! This wasn’t the first time my dad’s gone coo-coo on me. “Your just a waste of human flesh! Jump in front of a train like them other emo fucking kids did! You aren’t shit, and your fucking lazy”! I started to cry underneath my bangs. “Dad, please! I don’t care! Leave me alone”! “No, you fucking bitch”! I then felt two gigantic hands that were cracked and scaly groping my neck. I couldn’t breath. I tried to scream… but nothing. He then let go. “Now look what you made me do”! The smell of oil, dirt, and sweat stained my neck as the cold air came rushing into my heaving lungs. I had to run to my room. I slammed the door shut and as soon as I did I knew I would regret it. “What the fuck you slamming my doors for! This isn’t your house! You gunna pay for that door? Shut the hell up, and go to bed”! I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. I knew saying what I wanted would only antagonize him.

That night I had a peculiar dream about a T-Rex taking over the city and I couldn’t find my dad and all I knew was that I had to find him. I started to panic, I thought he had died but something woke me from my scary dream. “Sara! When do you want to wake up”! “Oh, I’m already awake I guess”. “Alright, ill see you later tonight. Bye”. “I love you daddy”! He mumbled his response “yea, love you too. Bye”.

            When I got to school, I couldn’t help but smiling. I don’t know what it is, but every time my dad and I get into a fight I automatically put up this front like my life is just one happy fairy tale. My life isn’t a sob story either, but still. I have to admit though, I do feel better when people sympathize or empathize with me.

            During first and second period I could tell I was annoying the hell out of my classmates. I decided to skip third period. I went down to Rite-Aid and stole myself some soda, gum, and Twix. When I got back to school, it was already fourth period and my teacher yelled because I was a few minutes late.  I went down and sat next to Patrick.  I swear, when I came into the class, his eyes followed me from the door all the way to my seat next to him. Then Mrs. Chua yelled at the class. “Its time to start class! Get in your roll seats now! You too, Sara”. I asked Pat for a pencil. “Sorry Sara only got a pen”. “That’s okay! I'll take it”.  You have no idea how big this boy was smiling; it looked like it hurt. ”Hey! Sara and Patrick! Yea, lovebirds shut up”. “Mrs. Chua, I was just aski-””I don’t care”!

I started to do the Do Now when I felt a nudge on my ribs. “Here”. Pat gave me a note. “Hey Sara. What are you trying to do this weekend? You tryna go smoke”? I didn’t want to tell him how big of a loser I was and that I didn’t smoke. Instead, I just told him I was busy with family stuff.

Later on after school, I hung out with Ciera, Jen, Brendon, and Michael. Ciera has been my friend for two years and so far is the only one that hasn’t let me down.. Yet. Jen is a girl I met this year that knows Ciera somehow. Brendan is my guy friend from a long time ago. Him and I go way back. Michael is Ciera’s boyfriend.

We all had gone to the mall to find Jen a new outfit for her date tomorrow night. After about two hours of cruising the mall, I called my dad on Ciera’s phone to come and pick me up. When he picked me up he wouldn’t look at me. I decided to talk to him. “How was your day dad”? I had asked in hope he would say it was wonderful. “It was horrible like always. I hate everyone I work with and my boss is a total douche. I wouldn’t have to be working at that dam job if you would have chosen to go to a public school instead of a private school.” “Dad! I was five when I chose that school! Besides, I wasn’t the one who wanted to go to private school; grandma was the one who chose for me. I just agreed!” “Maybe you could have gone to a better private high school to if you wouldn’t have been such a whore and would have actually closed your legs and opened up your school books. Why aren’t you more like your fucking cousin, she’s the top of her class and she’s great at sports. Plus I bet she doesn’t even think about boys. Unlike your slutty ass.” I was immediately upset, but I knew I couldn’t say anything unless I wanted to hear worse. I couldn’t believe he was calling me a hoe. “Sara, when I ask you something you fucking answer bitch!” I couldn’t take this verbal abuse and I had to leave right away. I opened up the door of the car and just jumped out of the car as it was moving. Luckily he was slowing to stop at a light.

It took me 30 minutes to get home. When I got home there was a note on my computer: “Dear Sara, I’m really sorry for our fight. I’m going to sleep over at Darren’s tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you. I hope you know that. Love dad”. Oh my Lord. My dad just apologized AND said he loved me! I cried.

When I finally stopped crying, I went on the computer and checked all my accounts. All I had were notifications from people who needed stuff in Vampire Wars and Farmville. I decided to just go to my room and read.            It wasn’t until I finished the whole book at three in the morning that I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, it was about eleven in the morning and I was late for school so I decided to just stay home and skip. I went back on the computer and checked all my accounts. Again there was nothing. I just ended up on YouTube watching videos. What a lovely social life I have. I wish I had a phone, I always feel depressed when I think about my phone-less self. I feel detached from the world without a cell phone.

            My dad didn’t come home until six thirty, by then I think I watched all of the videos on YouTube.  “Hey Sara”. “Hey dad how was Darren’s”? “It was alright.” We talked for a while, and then he decided to watch television.  I decided to go back to my room again. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to read so I tried drawing. I didn’t feel in the mood for it so I just laid in my bed until I passed out.

            “Beep, beep, beep-“ ugh, its only six thirty six. I threw on a pair of old ripped sweats, a worn out t-shirt, my favorite hoodie, and my converse. Basically, my usual attire. 

I couldn’t wait for fourth period with Pat. I love being flattered by dudes that like me, even if they are ugly or douches. During first through third, I was really quiet and sat in the back. Everyone was asking me what was wrong. “Nothing. I’m fine, I swear”!  When fourth period finally did come I was so excited, I looked everywhere, but no Pat. Where was he?

Maybe about halfway through the period he came in. He just ignored me. What was his problem? I tried to say hey but he just looked the other way. Through out the whole period I was wondering if I did something. Did he know I wasn’t busy with family?

After class I caught up with him and asked him what was wrong. He ignored me again. “Listen, Patrick. What the fuck is wrong with you. Why aren’t you talking to me?”

“You are such a bitch! Don’t touch me! Get away. You’re ugly and I don’t want to be seen with you”. I wanted to cry so badly. I just looked at him with a straight face and said, “You douche! I didn’t even do anything! Whatever man. Bye.” I walked away with a little bit of hardness in my step. I couldn’t believe he said that. It took all my strength to act like nothing happened. Even though, all I wanted to do was lock myself in an empty room and cry my eyes out and punch a few walls and kick a few desks.

The End

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