Life in the Woods

During the epiphany of war, a powerful political figure (main character Alara's father) is forced into hiding along with the rest of the race, separating into seven groups, each with an apostle acting as the leader. *dont worry the story doesn't get into religion, they're different from how we define apostles now, but i'll get into that later* Upon splitting up, the politician's family gets their own hideaway until they get discovered by a tyrant by the name of Syrath Guillaermo. The politician'


   Grisbane was a small town with a close-knit community which was perched atop several high mountains and had beautiful alpine meadows throughout the village. It had been inhabited for many years before "civilized" people had taken over, and therefore  had a large amount of documents regarding history, culture, and tradition. Alara sat atop the enormous aging elm tree overlooking the small thatched rooves of the huts below her, reaching out from behind her ear and pulling out her quill pen, resting it against the side of the leather-bound book she had resting upon one of her knees while the other dangled off one of the branches.

"Oh dear. I suppose I....should return, will I Pip?" She grinned to the small creature beside her and stroked its furry ears. "No, you're telling me to stay? Wel....I guess a couple more minutes won't hurt." Giggling, she picked it up in her arms, the fawn coloured furry mass licking her in the face.
"Stop!" Her laughter echoed.

   Pip was what one would call a mutant of a creature, and at first glance, you wouldn't think it to be very appealing or cute. When you looked closer, however, you could see the long spotty ears, the tiny pink nose, and the deep blue eyes that gazed back at you. Pip resembled a small housecat, with the exception of two little horns at the top of his head and two tails instead of one. Alara glanced towards Pip and rubbed his belly, picking him up and placing his furry body against the furry collar of her jacket, jumping off the tree and landing with a thump!

   The hut she lived in was large in comparison to the others. In the beginning, her life had been average; she had been suspicious and constantly moved with vicious caution. That was before an "angel" had landed before her and presented her family with a proper home and money. Her father, who had previously been charged by the past government with treason, had been a political prisoner for about six years, and therefore, the father figure in her life was gone for a long time. Upon his return, her life became wonderful, and she saw beauty in every step. He bought her Pip. The sun seemed to shine brighter, and every time the two held hands, she felt strength and power, and the utmost love for her father. Gradually, he gained more power and had to leave often, leaving Alara to take care of her bedridden mother who was now suffering from a rare form of disease unknown to doctors.

"Darling, come closer." Alara took off her shoes and quietly slipped them into a cupboard, taking a couple of steps closer to the figure that was covered in blankets.

"Mother? What is you need some water, some hot towels?"

"No, my dear. I want to get up. I want to leave this bed and be able to walk in the meadows again...with my Benvoled. Where is he, by the way?" She sniffled and wiped the tears off her dewy skin.

"He's...away on business. You know how he has to deal with the Magistrate and all those head honchos." She giggled and knelt beside the young woman. "You will get better. When you do, I promise we'll travel the world, and I'll sit outside with you and Pip and Syra and make daisy chain necklaces. But for now," she dabbed the wet towel on her mother's face, "you need to rest."


The End

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