Refuge in sight

"So you set up the refuge?"

Benny, from behind the wheel, nodded. 

"But how did you do it?"  Cat was sitting in the back seat, cradling her water bottle.

He frowned.  "Wasn't too hard.  Just tracked down a few of my colleagues, set up a facility..."

"She means," Ravi translated, "How did you escape the hospital fire?"

"That's a long story," replied Benny, "better told another time."

He turned off of the main road and down a dirt drive.  A wake of dust rose from the tires and fanned out behind the car.  Through the grit-streaked windshield, a distant cluster of buildings was visible.  Safety at last.

"So do you have the remedy?"  Ravi asked.


"At the refuge.  Do you have the rabies serum?"

"No, unfortunately.  We haven't quite achieved the proper conditions, and our equipment is a bit lacking."

Ravi nodded and looked out the window.  He smiled melancholically and gently touched a nearly invisible mark on his hand, four tiny punctures that were now scabbed over.  "I suppose I ought to tell you something, then."

The End

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