Ravi's body slammed against her like a battering ram, and they fell to the asphalt.  Bullets ricocheted off of the roadway and sprayed into the dirt shoulder, sending up puffs of dust.

"Play dead," Ravi whispered. 

She did.  The car sped off.

When their attackers were gone, Ravi stood up and dusted himself off.  Heart pounding, Cat sat up on the road and propped herself upright with her hands.  She realized she was shaking.

"What was that about?  Why did they shoot at us?"

Ravi grimaced.  "We look like a pair of Lurchers.  Can hardly blame them for thinking that we were.  Especially the way you ran at them."

"I'm sorry."

"Just don't do it again."  He was panting and seemed paler than normal.  "I'm not your personal bodyguard."

He helped her to her feet, and they sluggishly continued on beneath the cruel sun.

They encountered no one else before nightfall.  Nor did they encounter any water or shelter.  If Cat had had enough energy to worry about anything, she would have been worrying about the unborn baby.  This day could not have been healthy for it at all.

After the sun set, they crawled down into the ditch for the night.  Neither had enough energy to keep watch, they just collapsed there and fell asleep.  Luckily, nothing encountered them in the night.

The End

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