Chapter 1Mature

Cars sped by and honked their horns, the sun was just beginning to rise and Julianne was already on the run. She held her coffee in one hand and had her other hand on the steering wheel. Her plan was to beat the morning rush, but looking around, Julianne had accepted that her plan was a complete bust. After all, Julianne had come to accept that her moving out to Chicago to start her new life would come with some sacrifices; one being that she would have to go back to dealing with heavy morning traffic. All in all, Julianne loved living in one of the nicest cities in the midwest and would tolerate the heavy traffic as long as it meant getting away from her small town lifestyle. 

Julianne smiled a little as she saw the road sign stating her that exit was in a half a mile. Julianne turned on her right blinker light and merged over into the exit lane. Sighing with relief, Julianne had finally made it off the expressway. She had grown up in Chicago for the first few years of her life, but for the most part, Julianne wasn't used to big city driving, because she lived in Abbot, Maine for a majority of her life. Julianne found a parking complex close to her workplace and parked her Mazda 6. 

From one rush to another. Julianne had forgotten that even the sidewalks of downtown Chicago were normally extremely busy at almost every hour of the day. Julianne walked down the sidewalk about two blocks and then crossed over to the other side of the street, and she finally arrived at her workplace; Nordstrom. Julianne though it fit her lifestyle of the rich and famous. Only issue was, she wasn't rich, nor was she famous.

Julianne wanted to be rich and famous and planned on it too. She had planned on getting her book published, but she never got around to actually writing it. She had it all written and all, but she never actually typed it up. Julianne always had these dreams of meeting some rich man and just marrying into a wealthy family and writing a book about that, but she soon came to realize that that had been done, and it had been done multiple times. All she wanted was a nice husband and a nice, big house to raise a large family in. That's why, in hopes of fulfilling that dream, Julianne decided to move out to the heart of the midwest; Chicago, Illinois.

The End

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