Curse the Blessed.Mature

   When I hit fifteen my mom bought me a new set of clothes, and a used CD player.  I had a family party. My grandparents live three hundred miles away, so they rarely visit. Don was of course on a job trip for some business scam. He sent me a card with twenty-five dollars folded up inside saying "Congrats on becoming a women." It felt more like a "You just got your period" card, not a birthday wish. But I flashed a smile to my mom, hugged her at our small dining table and walked up the stairs to my room.

   My room was originally white, with wood frames around the door. I had one blue dresser, and a small twin sized bed covered in black sheets. I set my new stuff in the drawers and on the sleeping table next to my bed. I popped in the head phones to my new CD player and drifted into some old Green Day classics. Soon I was dreaming of the cold air in the winter, and images I had seen from the alley ways in the last few years. Boom! I was interrupted by a loud noise casting outside my window. Curious, I secretly took a peek with one eyes. Next to my garbage can was a teenage white boy dressed in all black backing away from a young adult-like black male. The black male stood in a bent stance holding out a small pocket knife. In my mind, I watched thinking of the nothing the knife would actually do in the long run. The boy in black kept backing up white eyes, but not in panic. He stood there, and then smiled. Now I was intrigued, a sparkle rose in his eye and he laughed a little. Confused the black male lunged at him, now starting to worry. The scrawny boy turned around with one arm stretched out behind him. He looked up at me, in the window. I ducked. I popped my head back up. In a blink the boy was gone, like magic. The black male, starting screaming and scratching at his eyes. He stumbled and fell to the ground. Blinded he yelled and scratched and scratched. I saw the blood escaping from his eyes. Within minutes some had called the police, and I resumed back to my music in a new found wonder of this mysterious boy.

  Once again I found myself sitting in the deans office, tapping my fingers on her desk. She walked in and set a small file in front of me. I peered down at it to see my name fine printed on the little tab. She pulled it towards her, slid on some small glasses and exchanged a disgusted glance at me.

   "Katie, this school is only going to put up with so much from you. The last thing we want to do is send you to Celest High. You know, you do not belong there. With those bad kids. But I can't keep saving your butt from these problems your creating. Spray painting "hatred" on the courtyard walls will not keep you here. And we KNOW it was you, credits to a fellow classmate who saw you climbing through the basement window."

  "That bitch.. " I whispered.

   "We're going to schedule a conference with your mother in the upcoming week or so and see what her opinion is on your behavior. I don't want to keep suspending you. Your a bright girl, I see your grades. Don't try to be something your not."

   I jumped up with my lower lip stammering. "SOMETHING I'M NOT!? I know exactly who the fuck I am! I'm someone you will one day be deathly afraid to deal with you ugly bitch, you'll be cursed." I hit my fist against the desk with an evil glare in my eyes. I stormed out of the office to catch a slight whiff of her shock lingering behind me. Never had I of spoken out, never would I hold back again.

The End

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