Life In Technicolour

A mentally disabled boy lives out his life in his imagination idolising his mother and placing other people in his life including his alcoholic, abusive father, in a fantasy world to counter his dysfunctional home life


He saw life in colours and swirls. An imaginary world where he sat upon a golden throne, a crown encrusted with jewels from the furthest corners of the deepest parts world nested on his head. At his disposal he had giant dwarves and dwarf giants, his wish were their command. His empire stretched as far as the mind could imagine and then a little bit further. On his right hand sat the most beautiful woman a man could imagine. Her straw coloured hair fell perfectly across her face and her skin was as delicate as a porcelain doll. She was his security against evil, the deity that kept his world at peace and prevented the darkness from the outside corrupting it. She was his princess.

He was a rock star strumming on his Les Gibson whilst behind him the bass vibrated through his body and a cheering crowd clapped in time with the snare. His lyrics sent hearts soaring, and caused soft tears to slowly roll down the hardest of cheeks; yet all of it was incomparable with the beauty of the princess. When he played his chords the world seemed to stop turning and the room stood still and turn to black and white, yet she still remained constant. She defied the laws of nature, she was his goddess.

With a blink he controlled the weather. He could make it blizzard in the hottest desert and could make it blistering hot in the coldest part of the Antarctic. He controlled volcanoes with just a thought, and flattened the most mountainous parts of the earth with a twitch. Stretching out his arms he changed the contours of the earth turning it from circular to triangular to rectangular. With a clench of his fist he shrunk his world to a size smaller than an atom. With a click he controlled the animals. The lions slept alongside the gazelle, the zebras talked, the giraffes fell in love with the hippos, whilst the monkeys ruled them all from far above in the trees. At her request he would do this all ten times over. He was a god. He was in love.

The End

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