Life in Surburbia.

It was just a regular all American close. White picket fences, freshly mowed lawns. Long driveways that led up to huge picture perfect houses, with windows that always shone and curtains that never closed.

Now the residents here at zip code 147 were the epitome of their houses.

All American, clean good looks. The Jocks and their cheerleaders, the TV presenter and the weather girl. The professor of science at number 104, with his wife the student councillor. The house wife with her journalist husband. They are pinnacles of society, living the all American dream.

The flag flying at full mast, on a huge green area in the centre of the close.

There was never any trouble, or raised voices here. No hoards of teenagers hanging around. You’d never see a office of the law attending a scene of a crime, unless he was passing by to say hello.

Everything was just as it should be, until……………….

The End

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