Drawings and A Change in AttitudeMature

Amelia and the others were sitting silently around the fire. Dawn was still asleep beside Amelia. Deacon sat on his other side, he had a small knife and a piece of wood, concentrating on carving it down with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Van Hay had his earphones in again his eyes closed. Iblis read a tiny book that rested on his right palm, his left fingers tugged a lock of his hair absently.

Lou stared at the fire his eyes unfocused.

“Sire?” Amelia said quietly putting a hand on Lou's knee the daemon sighed and slowly rested his own hand on hers. 

“I'm fine” Lou's voice said gently inside her mind. “I'm just worried about him.” Amelia nodded.

“Me too.” She said quietly “I like him.” Lou smiled a little still looking into the flames.

“I think I was too rash in bringing him along.” Lou said still speaking inside Amelia's mind. “I think I should have come alone.”

“No” Amelia said firmly but quietly “he should be with us he needs help and if Amarantine's ill he’ll need us too.” Lou nodded slowly as Dawn opened his eyes. “Hello” Amelia smiled turning to look at him.

“morning.” Dawn said his voice thick wit sleep it sounded more like a low grunt.

“How wonderfully articulate.” Iblis said looking up from his small book, he put it down and watched as Dawn sat up his black hair sticking up. Dawn used his fingers to try and flatten it down as much as possible.

“Coffee anyone?” Deacon asked as Dawn sat up pulling his jacket on properly.

“Sounds good.” Dawn smiled he looked at the sketchbook beside him trying to remember how it got there.

“Can I see?” Amelia asked, Dawn shrugged and handed it to her. The daemon looked at the picture and she grinned “look” she said to Lou, he looked over her shoulder.

“There’s you.” Amelia pointed without touching the charcoal. “And me, Iblis and Berith” her finger moved as she read out the names, “Deacon, Van Hay even Rossier.”

“Let me see.” Rossier said loudly Lou looked at Dawn who shrugged and nodded, Rossier stood and moved around behind Amelia. The picture was landscape in the centre was Lou his arms around Amelia and Deacon who both stood beside him. Iblis stood beside Amelia in front of Lou's legs sat Van Hay with his earphones and Rossier one leg crooked his elbow resting on his knee the other legs stretched out in front of him

“Not bad” Rossier smiled genuinely instead of his usual sneer.

“It’s wonderful.” Deacon grinned as the sketch was passed around the circle even Van Hay unplugged himself to have a look.

“I’ll give you sword lessons for a copy” he said quietly Dawn shrugged again his headache biting at his temples.

“I don’t think I can do one the same” he said.
“Oh” Van Hay said his face falling.

“Have that one.” Dawn said.

“I can take the original” Van Hay frowned.

“Why not?” Dawn said looking at him, “it’s a fair exchange for sword lessons.” Van Hay’s face broke into a grin his silver teeth flashing.

“Fair enough” he smiled “but keep it safe for me until we get home.” Dawn nodded taking the sketchbook from him. He wrapped it back up again and tucked it carefully into his bag.

“Anyway” Lou smiled “Rossier.” The daemon looked at Lou.

“What have I done now?” he asked sighing.

“Absolutely nothing.” Lou said lightly “I was merely wondering if the elves would be hospitable and if you would know?”

“Hm?” Rossier said thoughtfully “I don’t think any of their holidays fall for another few weeks so its dependant on Namine’s moods.” Lou nodded.

“Well, usually their prices are high.” Lou pondered aloud.

“Too high” Rossier added Lou smiled and nodded.

“So we pass through as quickly as we can” Lou said “and if we get caught then they should be in a good mood.” The others all muttered their agreement except Dawn.

“Why so wary of them?” he asked Lou looked at him.

“The elves have a high regard for themselves and no one else, but they have been know to keep daemons and mages of any species alive and imprisoned for years leeching their powers.”

“Cant we put some in something and trade?”

“We could, but dependant on their moods they prefer to have a larger supply and not to be rude you are a valuable commodity for trade.” Lou said “my son with a high magick level.” Lou added at Dawn's confused gaze.

“I've traded with them before,” Rossier said “I lived with them for a while, learning their ways, you think I'm a bastard just wait until you meet them.” Lou laughed at the serious look on Rossier’s face.

“That bad?” Dawn grinned wickedly Rossier smirked.

“I could get to like you.” He laughed.

“You don’t like anyone.” Berith said smiling too.

“Maybe I'm growing up.” Rossier said.

“In your dreams.” Berith retorted.

“My dreams are a lot more interesting then that.” Rossier grinned at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Like I said, in your dreams.” Berith said smiling nicely at him.

The End

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