A Little HelpMature

Fifty Years Later



Dawn managed to get some of the bitter tasting herbs to go down but threw half of the mugs contents onto the dusty ground.

“I know” Amelia smiled “it tastes awful” Dawn tried to smile and Amelia seemed satisfied. “Here” she said taking the empty mug and dipping it into the still warm kettle pot, Dawn smiled properly as he drank the tea. The taste and smell of the willow bark almost disappeared.

“Amelia?” Dawn said quietly as the others either slept or kept themselves occupied. The daemon looked at him. “What does your daemon form look like?”  Amelia smiled.

“You’re looking at it.” She said, Dawn looked at the wavy red hair and the pretty but slightly masculine face.

“So you don’t change?” Dawn asked she shook her head.

“Not in the way most daemons do.” She smiled moving her bag behind her she lay down. Dawn thought about her answer for a moment then nodded to himself. “Get some sleep young master” Amelia said as Dawn pulled his sketchbook out and unwrapped it from the shirt he used to protect it. In the shirts pocket was one whole piece of charcoal and half of one, he lifted out the half and settled back to start a new drawing.


Lou opened his eyes, shivering although there was no wind. The air in this strange place was cold he sat up and looked around smiling slightly as he saw his son. Dawn was slumped over the sketchbook in his lap and the piece of charcoal rested in his hand still even though the young daemon was asleep. Lou made the fire slightly larger and he felt the heat wash over him. He stood and moving quietly walked to Dawn he gently prized the charcoal from Dawn's fingers and moved the sketchpad aside. Then with one hand behind Dawn's head and the other on his chest he lowered Dawn back, laying him down. Dawn grumbled and frowned but his eyes didn’t open instead he swiped a hand over his face leaving a streak of charcoal across his own forehead, Lou smiled and tucked Dawn's bag under his sons head and gently lay Dawn's long coat over him tucking the sketchbook in next to him.

“Thanks” Dawn muttered, Lou smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Lou said gently beside Dawn Amelia smiled.





The End

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