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Fifty Years Earlier



Gabriel sighed as Sylver scraped the cards into a tidy pile, a few hours had passed since they left the party.

“So what now?” Sylver asked

“The party is probably over by now” Dawn said.

“I doubt it” Gabriel yawned “Mother can keep a party going for hours.” Sylver nodded.

“I think everyone should go to bed.” Lou smiled.

“I agree” Gabriel said yawning again. “But tomorrow I'm going to speak to Mother about sending out a new scout party for Maxwell.”

“I wondered what was bothering you” Sylver said.

“Its been weeks since anyone heard from him.” Gabriel said I’ll speak to her tomorrow if she's hung-over she wont argue” Gabriel tied his laces back up and stood up he rolled his shoulders and stretched.

“Sounds good” Sylver nodded “I might go with you, I think I'm beginning to like field work” Gabriel smiled.

“Good” he yawned again “anyway I'm going to bed.” He turned and left.

“goodnight.” Sylver and Lou called, Dawn drained his glass.

“Night guys” he smiled and followed the Prince.

“By the way I think I may have worked out what's wrong with your magick” Lou said.

“What?” Sylver asked.

“Get some rest, give me a little more time and I’ll let you know tomorrow.” Lou smiled.


Gabriel was quiet as he and Dawn walked through he myriad of secret tunnels and passages to their rooms.

“Is anything wrong?” Dawn asked

“I'm just tired, is all” Gabriel said as they emerged outside their room.

“Me too” Dawn said “I think I worried too much.” Gabriel smiled tiredly unlocking the door.

“So did I” he admitted as he lit the candles in the lounge, Dawn closed the door making sure it was locked.

“Why were you worried?” he asked

 “I'm just waiting for something to happen” Gabriel sighed as he sat on the couch resting his elbows on his knees. Dawn sat down beside him pulling him into an awkward sideways hug. Gabriel laughed quietly and shifted his weight so he lay half over Dawn's legs. “What were you worried about?” he asked Dawn looked down at him, his black hair falling forward Gabriel smiled up at him.

“I'm just terrified of making a mistake.” Dawn said running a hand over the Prince's silver hair.

“You didn't make any mistakes tonight, Dawn, you were wonderful.”

“I was terrified the whole time.” Dawn sighed “I was shaking for most of it.” Gabriel sat up and turned to look at the large angel, he was pale his dark eyes closed.

“Dawn?” Gabriel stood and pulled Dawn into a standing position. “Come with me.” Gabriel tugged him and Dawn followed him to the bedroom, past the large bed to the wall near the little kitchenette. Then the Prince released Dawn's hand and pulled a panel away from the wall Dawn saw a dark stairway leading upwards, Gabriel took Dawn's hand again and led him forwards. At the top of the stairs was another panel. “Close your eyes Dawn” the large angel frowned but did as he was told, Gabriel watched him as he pulled the panel aside. “Keep them closed.” Gabriel said gently leading Dawn forwards again then the Prince gripped Dawn's shoulders turning him to one side. Dawn shivered as the cold breeze hit is face ruffling his hair. “Open” Gabriel said the Prince smiled as Dawn's mouth opened. They both looked out over the city of Paradise from the roof of the palace, the rising sun turning the dark city into an explosion of oranges and pinks, Dawn laughed in spite of himself. “I come up here to think” Gabriel aid quietly “you can too, if you want.” Dawn smiled down at him.

“Thank you” he said quietly.

The End

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