Van Hay's OrdersMature

It turned out that Van Hay was still in his cabin, he was laying on the bed singing softly to himself. Dawn saw a wire draped across the daemons chest leading to a small black box in his hand.

“Van Hay?” Lou said loudly. The daemons eyes stayed shut but his hand twitched pressing a small button on the box.

“Yes, sire?” he said quietly.

“You were supposed to watch Rossier.

“I was” Van Hay’s eyes opened.

“Earphones out please” Lou frowned Dawn had no idea what Lou was talking about until Van Hay pulled the wires from his ears. “Why aren’t you watching him now?”

“I can’t keep eyes on him all of the time, sire.”

“You don’t sleep” Lou said “you are the ideal watch for him.”

“Perhaps” Van Hay smiled sitting up he swung his legs off the bed “I do still need to rest.” Lou sighed and nodded.

“What’s that?” Dawn asked pointing to the box in the daemons hand, Van Hay smiled.

“I visit Earth occasionally, I found out that the little geniuses have worked out how to box music.” He said his silver teeth flashed as he spoke.

“Really?” Dawn asked Van Hay passed him the box, it was just larger than Dawn's palm. “In this thing?” Van Hay nodded.

“Excuse me?” Lou said trying not to smile as Dawn turned the box over in his hands. “I am trying to tell someone off here.”

“Sorry” Dawn said reluctantly passing the box back to the daemon on the bed.

“Its okay, I think it was too much to ask.” Lou said “I thought you'd be aware all of the time.”

“Sorry, sire.” Van Hay said tucking the box in his pocket.

“Don’t worry,” Lou smiled “the main question is, where is Rossier now?”


They found Rossier in the cargo hold, two bottles of brandy lay empty at his feet a third, half full, hung in the daemons hand. Lou sighed taking the bottle and passing it to Dawn then he hoisted the drunken daemon to his feet.

“Rossier,” he said loudly the tall daemon in his hands laughed.

“Look what I found.” He hiccupped.

“So I see.” Lou said “and what do you think I should do with you now?”

“Hug me and squeeze me.” Rossier laughed even harder.

“I’d rather throw you overboard.” Lou said Dawn heard the tiredness in Lou's voice.

“Promises, promises.” Rossier giggled.

“I think I'm sending you home.” Lou said marching the daemon past Dawn and Van Hay and up the stairs.

“Sire, no” Rossier whined.

“Give me good reason not to.”

“I’ll behave, I promise.” The daemon said quietly.

“You have twelve hours to sober up and prove you'll behave” Lou said “if not I’ll leave you on the boat and Verrine will take you back.” Dawn followed Lou to Van Hay’s cabin and watched him deposit Rossier on his bed. “Please watch him” Lou said to Van Hay.

“Yes, sire.” Van hay said seeing the black lines that snaked across Lou's skin for a moment. Lou gripped Dawn's shoulder and steered him from the room.  




The End

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