Berith's ReasoningMature

In Iblis and Berith's cabin, Dawn turned his back as Berith got dressed he looked around as she lay a hand on his shoulder and took his jacket from her.

“Thanks” she smiled as he shrugged it back on.

“You’re welcome.” Dawn said “can I say?” she nodded “your daemon form is incredible.” She smiled.

“Thank you.” She said happily, “what's yours like?”

“I don’t know yet.” Dawn said “Lou thinks I’ll look like him.”

“possibly.” She nodded.

“Now,” Dawn said sitting down on the edge of one of the beds. “What was all of this about?” Berith sighed and sat opposite him.

“Iblis is my best friend.” She said “we've always been together, we even woke up in the infirmary together when we arrived in Hell.”

“And?” Dawn prompted gently when she paused.

“And I thought we’d always be together. I don’t like being without him.” she sighed again, Dawn nodded.

“It won’t be forever.”

“Unless he chooses it to be.”

“Why would he?” Dawn said “he has a new life when he comes back” Berith frowned.


“Iblis is coming with me to the new place”

“New place?”

“A new plane has appeared and Lou wants me to run it.” Dawn said “you're welcome to come too”

“I’d have to get Lou's permission.”

“It’s fine by me” Lou said from the doorway.

“Sire?” Berith smiled.
“I will only allow daemons with some connection to Dawn to go with him at first.” Lou said “so if you want to go you can.” Dawn smiled at her. “And Dawn,” Lou turned to look at his son a serious expression on his face. “If you ever do anything like that again I will kill you.”

“Do what?” Dawn asked frowning.

“Put yourself in danger like that.” Lou said “as lovely as this charming lady is she is bloody dangerous.” Berith stood up and hugged Dawn tightly then she walked to Lou.

“Bloody dangerous, maybe but I'm not crazy enough to take on you son especially if he's as mad as you.” Lou laughed and Berith kissed his cheek.

“By the way,” Dawn asked “why did you punch Rossier?”

“I didn’t” Berith grinned wickedly. “He mentioned that if I could get my leg above my head it would make for an interesting encounter.”

“In that many words?” Lou frowned.
“Not quite” Berith laughed “I said I could and to prove it I kicked him in the face,” Dawn couldn’t help the giggle that escaped him.

“Talking of Rossier.” Lou sighed “I’d better go and see him and make sure Van Hay is okay, I haven’t seen him for most of the trip.”   

The End

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