Berith's Daemon FormMature

On deck Rossier lay sprawled on his back, blood dripping down his chin. Seeing Dawn and Lou he sat up holding his mouth.

“Berith” Lou snapped, Dawn turned and froze for a moment. A tall gold skinned woman stood on deck her flowing gold hair almost covered the fact that she was naked. Her fists were clenched in front of her breasts and she was breathing heavily.

“Crazy bitch” Rossier snarled he spat a mouthful of blood onto the wooden floor. Dawn slowly moved towards Berith unfazed as her gold eyes watched him he took off his jacket and held it out she stared at it for a moment before reaching out.

“Dawn,” Lou said warningly, “don’t touch her.” Berith looked at Lou as she carefully took the jacket. “Berith please calm down” the exquisite creature dropped the jacket and Dawn turned to see Rossier walk up beside him. Lou grabbed the bleeding daemon by the back of the neck as Berith’s skin shimmered. “Get to your room, now” Lou growled “I will see you once I've cleaned up your mess” he threw the daemon towards the stairs, Rossier pulled glaring at Lou then he hurried away.

“Berith” Iblis’ voice said calmly, the daemon snarled at him as he stepped towards her. “Calm down, lets talk.”

“Why would I want to talk to you?” she snarled her voice sounded like needles in Dawn's mind and he winced. He frowned and moved forward.

“Dawn, don’t.” Iblis said carefully.

“Why should I be afraid of her?” Dawn growled.

“Be careful.” Lou's voice said in his mind Dawn picked up his jacket and careful not to touch the shining gold skin, he lay it around her shoulders.

“Leave us alone” Dawn said to Lou and Iblis.

“But…” Lou said frowning.

“Please?” Dawn asked gently Lou looked at Berith then nodded reluctantly he pulled Iblis away to the other side of the deck.


“Berith?” Dawn said quietly. “You’re upset.” The daemon nodded. “At Rossier?” she shook her head. “At Iblis?” she nodded.

“He’s selfish” her voice said sadly.

“Yes,” Dawn nodded even though he didn’t agree with her. “But he needs you to talk calmly to him.”

“I don’t want to hear.” She growled.

“I do what to hear what you have to say but can you go back to normal your voice hurts.” She looked at him slight surprise on her face, she looked down at her gold skin and nodded. She shrank slowly her skin returning to its pale shade she pulled the jacket tighter around herself.

“I'm sorry.” She said Dawn smiled.

“Let’s go somewhere a bit warmer.” He said Berith nodded

The End

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