A Daemons ChoiceMature

Lou looked up as someone knocked on the open door.

“What is it?” he asked as Iblis and a furious looking Berith walked in.

“Its not a good time” Iblis said seeing Dawn's pale face. “We’ll come back later.”

“What’s going on?” Lou frowned as Berith growled.

“Talk to him” she snarled pushing Iblis towards Lou “now” she stormed out slamming the door. Beside Dawn Deacon gripped the sides of his head as a multitude of emotions hit him from all sides.

“Everyone needs to calm down.” Verrine said loudly Dawn put an arm around Deacon.

“I am calm.” Iblis said as Deacon's grip slowly relaxed. “May I have a word with both of you?” Iblis said quietly looking at Lou and Dawn.

“Dawn?” Lou asked Dawn nodded slowly. Deacon stood up and Verrine's small lights floated up beside him.

“I need some air.” He said walking out without looking back at the daemons.

“Verrine, could you keep an eye on him?” Lou asked the small floating lights whisked out of the room travelling up a ventilation pipe. Lou sighed as Iblis sat down on the end of Dawn's bed.

“Sire?” he said Lou shook his head.

“I know what's wrong.” He said “when you healed me I could feel it.” Iblis nodded and looked at Dawn.

“I am sorry young master.” He said Dawn frowned.

“I don’t understand.” Lou stood and walked to the window running his hands over his short black hair.

“This may be my last adventure for a while.” Iblis said.

“I have a suggestion” Lou said turning to look at Iblis again. “Dawn, when we return I will show you the lower region of Hell”

“The Gaol?” Dawn asked Lou shook his head.

“No, there is more. I reserved a space for certain daemons.” Dawn just stared blankly at him and Lou sighed. “When a daemon gets to a certain stage of life they go through a strange process, they…” he paused searching for the right word.

“They stop” Iblis suggested.

“Huh?” Dawn growled still not understanding.

“I have got to the stage where nothing is a new experience” Iblis said “and I have a choice.”

“You mean dying?” Dawn asked.

“No,” Iblis said “nothing truly dies I will only sleep until my mind believes I am ready to return and if it doesn’t then I stay asleep or until my spirit dies.”

“But why?” Dawn asked “why would you want to?”

“I have met almost every sin on every plane, I have experienced more than most and I remember none of it save today. I'm tired of nothing.” Dawn thought for long moments then he nodded slowly.

“I think I can understand.” He said Iblis smiled calmly.

“I will accompany you on this trip and protect you to the best of my abilities, then hopefully when we return I can get some sleep.”

“I will agree” Lou said “on one condition.” Iblis nodded once. “When you wake I wish you to live with Dawn.”

“Don’t you want him?” Dawn asked then pulled a face at how it sounded.

“He doesn’t belong to me, Dawn.” Lou laughed “I want you to have something new rather than coming back to the same old thing.” Iblis smiled his eyes lighting up.

“Yes, sire.” He said. All three of them jumped as a thunderous crash rocked the boat the wooden frame trembling. Dawn, Lou and Iblis ran from the cabin.






The End

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