Dreams of Things to ComeMature

An hour later Lou was fast asleep, Amelia sat beside him occasionally wiping the daemons forehead.

“Has anyone seen Rossier and Van Hay recently?” Berith asked from the other side of the cabin.

“Lou asked Van Hay to look after him” Amelia said.

“I’ll go and check” Iblis said “then I'm going to get some sleep.” The others all nodded.


Dawn heard someone scream nearby and he jumped up. The screams lowered into the occasional pained cry. Dawn couldn’t see as he scrabbled at the stone walls trying to find a door he felt skin on his hands split as the rough stone cut into them.

“Dawn” a voice called from somewhere near him.

“Let me out.” Another voice cried outside the little room.

“Dawn” the first voice said again, Dawn's mind swam and his eyes snapped open to see a wooden ceiling. Someone had their arms around him and he panicked. “Dawn, its me Lou” his father said firmly “calm down.” Dawn stopped his heart pounding in his ears. “It’s okay” Lou said quietly.

“I'm okay” Dawn said making himself breathe slowly, Lou sighed and let him go moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

“You scared me” Lou admitted, Dawn smiled awkwardly.

“sorry.” He said his voice shivering a little. He looked up and saw Deacon watching him and he flushed. “Sorry Deacon” he muttered looking at his hands.

“Don’t be,” Deacon said walking over to him. “I could feel it.”

“What?” Dawn asked as Lou pushed a lit cigarette between his fingers, Dawn smiled gratefully at him. “Thanks” he said then looked back at Deacon.

“I'm in full health” Deacon said “I feel what people around me feel”

“An empath?” Dawn asked Lou looked at his son oddly but Deacon nodded.

“It goes with my species.” The small daemon smiled.

“Is everything okay?” Verrine's voice said Dawn felt himself jump and Lou gripped his shoulder.

“It’s fine, now.”

“I have brandy in the cargo hold.” Verrine said Dawn smiled.

“Sounds good.” He said his initial fear had gone and he felt embarrassment and an almost suffocating sadness washing over him but he couldn’t work out why. Deacon squeezed his hand smiling sadly.

“I think Iblis has managed to jog your memories slightly.” He said feeling the misery that ran through the daemon on the bed, Dawn sniffed and opened his mouth to speak but shut it again and nodded. Dawn passed the half smoked cigarette to Lou and twisted around curling up on his side. Lou bit his lip hard.

“It’s alright” Deacon said laying down beside Dawn he looked at the daemon carefully, watching the slow tears soak into the pillow. He looked up at Lou as a wave of anger and helplessness washed through him as they fought inside his master. “Sire” Deacon whispered Lou looked at him and Deacon shook his head. Lou stubbed the cigarette out on the metal plate on the bedside table, thin black veins were spreading across his face. “Lou” Deacon snapped Lou turned away from the small daemon. “He needs you, anger later.” Lou's black eyes looked at Deacon again then they cleared leaving warm chocolate brown again. The black lines retreated slowly from his skin as he nodded.

“What am I trying to remember?” Dawn asked his voice was thick.

“I'm not sure.” Lou said sitting down behind him “what was your dream about?” Dawn sniffed and sat up smiling sadly at Deacon, he used his sleeve to wipe his eyes.

“I was in a small dark room, I had chains around my wrist and someone was screaming.” Lou frowned then sighed.

“Its been in the seers reports.” He said slowly “but I don’t think it’s a memory.”

“What?” Dawn asked.

“They’ve had the same image.” Lou explained “I think it’s a glimpse of the future.”


“I have limited seer abilities it’s possible you do too.”

“How do I stop it?” Dawn growled “its bad enough trying to remember the past without the future getting involved.” Lou shook his head just as the door swung open.

“Brandy” Verrine said as a bottle floated towards them Dawn smiled. 

The End

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