Dawn relaxed on the bed as Iblis felt his legs and arms gently checking his fingers and toes too.

“Well, you're almost healed but I can sort out the last few aches and pains if you want?”  The daemon said sitting back.

“Can you heal my mind?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“You have amnesia?” Berith asked Dawn nodded and she sighed “poor thing, it happens to the best of us.”

“You too?”

“I had it mildly.” She said “poor Iblis still has problems.” The handsome daemon smiled as Dawn looked at him and pulled his white hair back away from is neck and Dawn saw a thick silver scar that ran from somewhere in his hair down the right side of his neck and continued down beneath his cotton shirt.

“Something I did as a human.” He said “no idea what but I wake up and find I've lost something else.”

“You still lose things?” Dawn asked Iblis nodded.

“Lou can’t work out why but I think it’s a punishment that I earned somewhere down the line.”

“Cant that be healed?” Dawn asked.

“The physical could,” Iblis said he sighed and Dawn felt a stab of pity for the daemon. “But I make new memories,” Iblis smiled “If I dwelt in the past there would be no point in living.” Dawn nodded.

“And he always remembers me.” Berith smiled fondly at the white haired daemon Iblis gripped her hand.

“Anyway, let’s get you sorted as much as we can, young master.” He released Berith and gripped Dawn's hands instead.  


Lou wandered through the ship looking for Dawn, he heard voices and opened the door to Iblis’ room.

“Well that’s nice to see.” Lou smiled as he saw Dawn, Iblis and Berith chatting and laughing together.

“Joining us, sire?” Berith asked smiling, and then her face twisted into a frown. “Lou you look awful.” She was right Lou's skin was a pale grey dark circles standing out beneath his eyes. Dawn could see the slight shake in the daemons hands. Iblis stood and moved quickly to his master gripping Lou's arms and steering him to the bed.

“Sit” Iblis ordered Lou thought about arguing as his body automatically sank onto the bed beside Dawn.

“Lou, what is it?” Berith asked.

“I'm just run down.” Lou said quietly Iblis took the daemons hands and closed his eyes. Dawn wrapped an arm around Lou's shoulders as the daemons eyes slid shut too, gently Dawn lay him back on the bed. Iblis suddenly let go.

“idiot.” He growled.

“What?” Dawn frowned.

“His magick's dry.” Iblis said “Lucifer.” He snapped and Lou's eyes shot open again.


“What are you using your magick for?”

“Hell” Lou said.

“Hell has its own protection system in place, so tell me the truth.” Lou sat up again.

“Alright, I've been trying to teleport”

“That shouldn’t take up much,” Iblis said “where is the rest going?” Lou shook his head.
“I don’t know.”

“Sire, listen your son needs you.” Berith said gently.

“I know,” Lou growled “that’s why I'm here.”

“He needs you concentrating and coherent so whatever you're doing, stop it.” Iblis said

“I’ll try.” Lou nodded “I'm sorry.”

“Don’t be” Berith smiled Iblis nodded.

“Hold tight this might be a little bumpy.” Iblis said as power began to flow through his hands into Lou. The daemon jerked and groaned as his magick began to fill again.

“Don’t touch him Dawn,” Berith smiled sitting down beside Dawn.  



The End

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