Trades and LessonsMature

The next day Dawn awoke to quiet voices, he opened his eyes and saw Deacon first. The small daemons cheeks were a healthy pink instead of the pale sickly colour that Dawn had only ever seen on him and he was smiling.

“Good morning” Lou said who, on the other hand, was looking more tired than he had the day before.

“morning.” Dawn stretched then he frowned as he felt something strange, something dull tugging at the corner of his mind. He shook his head to try and clear it.

“Are you well?” Verrine's voice said making Dawn jump. “My apologies” Verrine said

“I'm okay” Dawn frowned “does anyone have a cigarette?” he asked Lou frowned too.

“You haven’t smoked since you’ve been in Hell” he said leaning over and tugging a pack from his bag.

“I just want one.” Dawn said vaguely, he felt confused. Lou nodded and threw him the packet and a lighter. “thanks.” Dawn said laying back he felt himself relax again.

“Is that better?” Verrine asked.

“definitely.” Dawn smiled “so what now?” he asked after a few minutes silence.

“Now we relax on this ship for the next two days.” Lou said putting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes.

“Two days?” Dawn frowned “I thought we were in a hurry”

“No rush” Lou said “until we’re on foot we’re safe and we cant go any faster than we can go.” Dawn pulled a face at him unsure whether Lou's words made any sense, then he nodded and looked at Deacon who smiled.

“What?” Dawn asked as the daemon watched him.

“I was wondering if you could do something for me?” the little daemon asked.

“depends.” Dawn frowned at the new confidence in the daemons voice.

“The picture you drew for Amelia, what would you like in return for drawing me one?”

“I don’t know” Dawn said.

“I can offer magick or lessons on certain subjects.” Deacon suggested.

“Lessons?” Dawn asked.

“I am better at magick but I enjoy science too”

“Berith is teaching Dawn magick” Lou muttered tiredly. “But I suppose its worth branching out”

“To what?”

“My basic abilities are fire, shape shifting and psychic abilities.” Deacon smiled.

“Shape shifting?” Dawn said liking the idea.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Deacon said “most daemons can’t do it.”

“Don’t have the patience, you mean.” Verrine said from nowhere “shall I go and check on the others?”

“Has there been a death on the boat?” Lou asked Verrine stayed quiet for a moment.

“No” he said

“then they're fine” the large daemon said Dawn saw two large bat like wings unfold from behind Lou, the daemon used one to cover himself up blocking his face from the light.

“Lou?” Dawn asked.

“I'm getting some more sleep” Lou muttered “I have a headache.”

“Me too” Dawn thought and sighed.


Dawn watched the swirl of spirits around the boat as he sat on the thick wooden rail at the edge of the deck.

“Hey” a calm voice said Dawn turned to see Iblis and Berith walking towards him.

“Hi” Dawn said gingerly climbing down onto the deck again, Iblis looked at him thoughtfully.

“Are you in pain?” the daemon asked.

“A little.” Dawn said looking at Iblis’ white hair.

“I can help” Dawn looked at him strangely then he nodded.

“Lou mentioned you have healing magick.”

“I do” Iblis said “do you want to go somewhere more comfortable?”

“Okay” Dawn said slightly unsure about going with the two daemons.

“Maybe we can start your lessons today?” Berith said brightly, Dawn smiled.
“I’d like that.” He said.


The End

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