A Daemon's NeedsMature

“If Verrine would be kind enough to show us to our cabins” Lou said Verrine bowed his head and turned Dawn noticed that as the strange daemon moved his form became almost transparent again.


Berith and Amelia shared a cabin, Iblis, Van Hay and Rossier shared one too.

“Dawn I must see to Deacon.” Lou said smiling at the small daemon beside them. Dawn nodded but even in the dim light that Verrine cast he saw the flush cross Deacon's cheeks.
“I'm fine sire” he mumbled.

“You haven’t fed for weeks Deacon” Lou said harshly. Verrine cocked his head a frown on his strange features.

“Lucifer,” he said “I do not believe you are well.” His voice was serene.

“I'm fine.” Lou growled

“Perhaps” Verrine smiled “but allow me to help the little one, business is slow and I have energy I do not require.”
“but…” Lou frowned.

“No” Verrine snapped Dawn felt the chill air grow icy and he shivered. “you need to rest if you hope to finish this journey, I will help Deacon, if he has no objections.” Deacon shook his head.

“It’s more pleasant, sire” Deacon said “and more dignified.”

“In what way?” Dawn asked.

“Let’s go in and if Deacon doesn’t mind I’ll explain.” Lou said opening the cabin door.


Dawn bounced on the clean bed smiling as it resisted his weight.

“I hope it suits.” Verrine smiled watching him, Dawn nodded. Deacon sat down on one of the other beds and Lou looked at the two other beds and chose the one opposite Dawn.

“So what's all of this about?” Dawn asked Lou looked at the small daemon on the bed a few feet away and Deacon nodded.

“Deacon, is an incubus daemon.” Lou said Dawn frowned “it means he must leech energy from others to stay healthy.”

“why is that a problem?” Dawn asked looking at Deacon “cant you just take a bit from each of us?” Deacon smiled sadly.

“I wish it worked that way.” He sighed.

“It does in tiny doses but every few weeks or after a lot of energy use he needs a full recharge,” Lou's said “and only sexual energy works.”

“Really?” Dawn said Deacon nodded flushing again as he fiddled with the bedclothes.

“I hate it.” He growled Verrine stepped towards him.

“You shouldn’t hate what you are” he said sitting beside Deacon.

“Well, I do.” Deacon snapped “how can you help?” Verrine smiled.

“I have no physical form, what you see is merely a manifestation of the body I once had. I am energy so I can help but it will drain enough of me so I will not be able to assume this form for some time.”

“Do you want some privacy?” Dawn asked starting to stand up Lou copied him but Deacon shook his head.

“No, sires” he said “I will just sleep and Verrine will do what he does.” Dawn nodded slowly and sat back down.

“I don’t really want to interrupt” Dawn asked.

“There wont be much to see,” Deacon said then he smiled “and thanks” he added.

“For what?” Dawn asked as Lou settled kicked off his boots and steeled down a small smile on his handsome face.

“For not judging.” Deacon said laying back as Verrine took his hands.

“Why would I do that?” Dawn asked “you can’t help it.”

“Very true.” Lou smiled his eyes closed.

“I agree.” Verrine said his form was growing faint again. “One makes the best of the gifts they are given.”

“I’d still like to go more than a few weeks though.” Deacon sighed as his whole body seemed to relax.

“You will.” Lou said looking at him “its getting less often all the time.”

“True.” Deacon smiled Dawn lay back on the bed and looked at his father then at the small daemon and the glowing form of Verrine and felt himself smile.

The End

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