Dawn lay on his bed reading the book that Deacon had lent him, when Lou came in.

“Hi” he said quietly Dawn read the end of his sentence before putting the book down and sitting up, he looked at Lou. “What is it?” the tall daemon asked.

“There’s something you're not telling me.” Lou sighed.

“I was concerned about one of your pictures” Lou said honestly.

“Which one?”

“The one with the woman holding the whip.” Lou said Dawn shrugged

“I don’t know who she is” he said

“Why did you draw her?” Lou said gently.

“I dreamt about her, that image kept flashing in my mind so I drew it” Lou nodded “is she important?”

“Maybe” Lou smiled “but right now its time to meet our convoy.”


Lou walked slowly to the throne room Amelia and Dawn followed him. Lou stopped outside the massive double doors and turned to Dawn.

“Now, Van Hay and Berith are nice enough” Lou said “you already know Deacon but Iblis has a taste for violence,” Dawn nodded.

“And the other one?” he asked not remembering the name, Lou smiled.

“Rossier” he said “avoid him wherever possible.”

“Why is he coming anyway?” Amelia growled Lou sighed.

“He knows the Elven lands and the language also his defensive powers are some of the best we have.”  Lou said “I do not want to start any arguments along the way especially with the elves.” Amelia nodded.

“You’re right.” She sighed.

“Let’s go and meet the rabble.” Lou smiled pushing the door open.


Two massive daemons fought in the centre of the room the others cheered from the sidelines and Deacon was nowhere to be seen.

“Enough” Lou roared dust drifted down from the ceiling as the room shook. The two daemons shrank down both yelling their pain.

“Sire” a small female inclined her head from the side of the room. Lou ignored her looking at the two naked male daemons in the middle of the room.

“Iblis, Rossier” Lou snapped “get dressed now.” The two daemons left the room quickly. “Why didn’t you two stop them?” Lou growled turning to the other two.

“Because we’re not stupid, sire” the woman said Lou sighed.

“I suppose.” Lou said he beckoned to Dawn the woman smiled as Dawn moved up beside Lou. “This is Berith” the young woman bowed her head.

“Welcome, young master.” She said Dawn smiled.

“I wish you to teach Dawn his elementary magick.”

“Of course I like new learners.” Berith grinned Dawn looked at her.

“And this handsome young daemon is Van Hay.” Lou said the tall daemon stood Dawn took in the dark skin and the deep red hair as he stepped forward he grinned showing Dawn a mouthful of razor sharp, silver teeth.

“Sire” Van Hay’s voice was deep and pleasant.

“Just Dawn will do” Dawn said.

“Don’t tell Rossier that” Berith smiled “get his obedience early on or you'll have problems.” Dawn nodded slowly.

“well,” a voice said behind them, all of them turned to see an unusually thin but good looking daemon, black hair and eyes made his face look too pale. “My lord.” He sneered at Lou then he turned to Amelia. “I bet you enjoyed the view, didn’t you?”

“Enough Rossier.” Lou growled even as Amelia clenched her fists, then she smiled.
“Honey, I've seen better worms when I've been fishing.” She grinned, Dawn snorted with laughter and Rossier frowned.

“I take it this is our new leader?” Rossier looked Dawn up and down and scoffed.

“Leave him alone Rossier.” Iblis was fully clothed again in tough thick black cotton his white hair hung loose around his shoulders.

“Cant he speak for himself?” Rossier growled looking at Dawn, Lou stepped forward.

“Rossier” he said calmly “you will behave yourself or you will not come with us.”

“And?” Rossier laughed Lou smiled.
“And you will spend the next ten years in the gaol with Balthazar.”

“Fine” Rossier said “I’ll behave” he lifted his already packed bag higher on his shoulders and sat down beside Berith.

“good.” Lou said “but I know how much you love your brother, are you sure you wont go and see him?”

“No, thanks.” Rossier grumbled Van Hay smiled the lights above them making his teeth flash.

“Are we off then sire?” he asked Lou looked at him smiling.

“Itchy feet again Van Hay?” the daemon smiled wider. “Sure” Lou said laughing slightly. Dawn walked close to his father as they headed out of the palace and into the city.


The city of Hell was silent and Dawn frowned.

“Where is everyone?” he asked he heard Rossier sigh behind him and Dawn stopped turning, Rossier almost walked into him. “If you have a problem with me then say it.” Dawn snapped Rossier just looked at him distastefully.

“I have a problem with everyone.” He grinned Dawn glared at him.

“then grow up” Dawn snarled he turned back and carried on walking as Van Hay and Berith laughed even Iblis managed a small smile.


The End

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