Lack of CommunicationMature

50 Years Later


Dawn looked at the broad expanse of dusty ground that stretched out for miles around. Beside him Lou smiled.

“Wonderful” he grinned Dawn frowned.

“What’s wonderful?” he asked.

“I’ll have to do some more tests, by the looks of it though, this place is habitable.”

“I don’t want to run it.” Dawn said Lou smiled gently.

“I can understand but this place has to be built up first” Lou said “transport routes set up, that sort of thing.” Dawn frowned.

“The planes are shifting” he muttered Lou laughed.

“I don’t think she meant this” he said.

“Then what?”

“I'm not sure yet” Lou said “but I do have a list of daemons in mind that are perfect for starting this place.”

“But…” Dawn sighed

“Don’t worry Dawn” Lou said resting a hand back on Dawn's shoulder.


Back in Lou's study the large daemon sat down Dawn stayed standing.

“What is it?” Lou asked.

“I can’t do this.” Dawn said Lou stood again moving to his sons side.

“Do what?” he said gently taking Dawn's shoulders.

“How can I rule anything if I don’t even know who I am?” Lou smiled sadly.

“I've been thinking about that.” He said “and the fact that you’ve had nothing but fractal memories so far is odd.”


“It’s taking longer than most daemons for your mind to start repairing itself.” Lou said releasing him.

“What can I do?” Dawn asked.

“Get a message to earth” Lou said as Amelia came in, Lou smiled at her.

“Sire, all communication to earth is down.”

“What?” Lou growled.

“None of the routes are open” Lou swore loudly then closed his eyes. Dawn and Amelia saw his image flicker, then the daemons face twisted in pain, he opened his eyes and swore again.

I can’t get through” he said.

“Can I try?” Amelia said.

“No,” Lou said looking at her. “Get the alert out, something is going on”

“Yes, sire” Amelia inclined her head and shot a small smile at Dawn before she left.

Lou stood up and walked to the fireplace Dawn saw him start to pile wood into the it randomly.

“You’ll never get it lit.” Dawn said standing up Lou looked up at him, Dawn knelt beside his father. “Kindling and smaller wood at the bottom”

“Dawn?” Lou said sitting back to watch his son.

“Hm?” Dawn asked still working to build the thicker pieces of wood onto the smaller ones.

“How do you know this?” Lou asked slowly Dawn paused and took a breath.

“I'm not sure.” He said frowning.

“Okay” Lou said gently as Dawn lit the fire with the lighter that Lou passed him. “but it’s a good thing that you do remember.”

“It’s a tiny memory.” Dawn said “useless.”

“Maybe” Lou smiled

Soon the fire was roaring fire was blazing and Dawn was sweating.

“We are in hell,” Dawn said “and you light a sodding fire.” Lou laughed and Dawn saw the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“An old fashioned way of seeing some answers,” Lou smiled shuffling closer to the fire, Dawn moved closer to see what would happen. “If it works.” Lou closed his eyes and Dawn waited. Long minutes passed and Dawn opened his moth to speak then jumped as both of Lou's hands shot forward into the flames. Dawn yelled as the fire roared and flared violently turning a deep red. They licked up Lou's arms spraying red-hot embers onto the daemons skin.

Suddenly the fire popped loudly and went out, not a scrap of wood left where it had burned and Lou opened his eyes standing slowly.

“What the hell was that?” Dawn snapped grabbing the daemon as he swayed slightly.

“Well,” Lou said cheerily “I know how to get to earth.” He muttered his voice was croaky and harsh he looked down at his unmarked skin and saw the pinprick burns on his clothes.

“I love this shirt.” He growled. 

The End

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