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“Sire?” Dawn squeaked.

“Turn around” Gabriel said Dawn turned and saw a dimly lit room, bookshelves lined the walls.

“Where are we?”

“The lower part of the library.” Gabriel smiled he pushed Dawn against the wall Dawn squeaked again as the prince kissed him.

“Stop it” a voice came from the doorway Sylver's laugh echoed in the small room.

“Why?” Gabriel asked “we’ll be quiet.”

“I don’t care” Sylver growled lighting a candle “there are valuable books in here, come on. We’re playing cards.”  Dawn reluctantly tucked his tunic back in as the prince made a huffing sound and lit a cigarette. “Gabriel Black-Lightning out now.” Sylver growled as he saw the smoke Gabriel grinned as he walked out into Sylver's office. Dawn followed blinking against the brighter lights. A large neatly made double bed sat in one corner Lou and Tairas sat at a small round table a deck of cards sat in the centre of the table.

“Did she catch you?” Tairas asked a sardonic grin on his usually serious face.

“Who?” Gabriel frowned surprised at the question from the usually silent angel.

“Lady Suzzanne” Sylver sniggered Dawn burst out laughing as Gabriel glared at his brothers.

“You should have heard what he said to her.” The large angel managed between bouts of laughter. “I've never seen anyone go so red.” Gabriel sat down rolling his eyes he pulled his jacket off and undid the straps holding his wings down. Lou smiled as the prince sighed happily.

“Better?” the daemon asked Gabriel nodded.

“It won’t matter about any insults.” Sylver smiled at Dawn who still laughed quietly to himself.

“No?” Gabriel asked as Sylver sat down.

“Lady Suzzanne is not in favour with mother at the moment,”

“Any reason?” Gabriel asked loosening his tight collar and rubbing his neck until it was pink.

“No idea, something to do with her father I think. Either that or mother realized how annoying she is.” Sylver smiled “she is stunning, but she has the brain of a plum cake.” Gabriel snorted as he unlaced his boots.

“Well,” Lou grinned “I think Gabriel has chosen our game.” The prince looked at him.

“I have?” he asked.

“Strip poker, anyone?” Lou laughed Gabriel glared at him.

“I wouldn’t mind” Dawn grinned walking behind Gabriel he began to rub the princes shoulders.

“I would.” Gabriel growled closing his eyes.

“So what area we playing?” Sylver asked as Lou picked up the cards. 

The End

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