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The throne room was crowded as Aura followed by Gabriel, Dawn, Tairas and Sylver walked through the avenue of people. Aura sat on the throne sweeping her robes out to each side. Everyone stopped talking and moving as Aura stood again. Dawn and her three sons knelt before her.

“Rise” she said Gabriel walked up to sit in a smaller chair to her right Dawn moved quickly to his side standing slightly back from the chair. Sylver and Tairas joined the crowd. “My friends” Aura said firmly her voice echoed slightly in the large room. “Today our celebrations are in honour of four angels, my sons Gabriel Black-Lightning” she looked at Gabriel “and Sylver and Tairas Black-Lightning.” She waited for the polite applause to die down. “Also to a new addition to our home, our new captain of the guard, Dawn.” She waved a hand towards the tall angel as the crowd muttered among the quieter applause. “Now I wish you to have a good evening.” Aura smiled at her audience and sat back down quickly the crowd began to mill around the low rumble of many conversations breaking the silence. Somewhere in the room a slow violin started. Gabriel sighed, the hard part was over he looked at Dawn and smiled slightly.

“Well done” he mouthed at the pale angel.


A few hours had passed and Gabriel looked at Aura who was in deep conversation with Francis and another woman. Gabriel stood up.

“mother” he said walking so he stood in front of her he bowed slightly “if I may be excused?” Aura looked at him and smiled.

“Go ahead my son.” She said

“And Dawn mother?” Gabriel asked Aura nodded once and turned back to her conversation. Dawn followed the prince down the steps of the dais.

“sire.” Dawn muttered as the groups off angels moved aside at Gabriel's approach.

“Come along, Dawn” Gabriel said “there is something I want to show you.” Gabriel nodded at a guard at the edge of the room.

“My lord.” The guard smiled.

“This is Benjamin Locke” Gabriel introduced Dawn.

“You’re a little late tonight, sire.” Benjamin said “his grace and master Tairas have already gone.”

“Gone?” Dawn asked Gabriel beckoned him closer.

“Perhaps we can join them?” Gabriel smiled.

“Certainly,” Benjamin said “Sylver informed me that it’s the drape with the hunt that you want to see tonight.”

“Thank you.” Gabriel smiled Dawn looked confused but noticed a gold coin change hands as Gabriel shook Benjamin's hand. Gabriel turned and was a few feet away before Dawn caught up with him.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

“Wait” Gabriel hissed a young group of angels had turned to look at them. A thin but curvaceous young woman looked at Gabriel, she was dressed immaculately in flowing green velvet.

“My lord,” she smiled Dawn thought it was more of a sneer than a smile.

“Lady Suzzanne” Gabriel sighed.

“Will you ask me to dance, sire?” she asked glaring at Dawn.

“No” Gabriel said “excuse me” he tried to walk around the group.

“But I wish to dance.” Lady Suzzanne pouted putting a hand on Gabriel's arm, then she smiled widely. “One little dance cannot hurt.”

“I am unable to dance right now.” Gabriel growled.

“I heard of your injuries,” Lady Suzzanne sounded almost happy in Dawn's mind. “it must be such an exciting story.”

“Not really.” Gabriel tried again to move but the woman’s red painted grip tightened on his healing arm her nails digging through the layers of black cotton to the bandages beneath.

“I wish to hear it as do my friends.” She growled her friends nodded mumbling in agreement.

“later.” Gabriel said trying not to wince.

“I could come to your rooms?” Lady Suzzanne said.

“No” Gabriel snapped peeling her hand from his arm.

“Then when will you tell me?” she whined.
“I wont.” Gabriel snarled “I have better things to do then exchange pleasantries with you.”

“We can do more than talk sire.” She grinned Dawn felt his blood heat up.

“you cant,” Gabriel snapped “you cant fathom talking and walking let alone anything that constitutes multitasking so in all respect my Lady, get stuffed.” Gabriel growled the woman froze and Gabriel swept around her passing the stunned group Dawn followed him quickly trying not to laugh. “What?” Gabriel asked frowning at him.

“I’ll tell you when we’re alone.” Dawn sniggered. Gabriel shrugged and walked to the enormous tapestries that hung at the head of the hall there were over twenty of them and Gabriel aimed for one that depicted a hunt, four horses in the rear and a pack of hounds seemed ready to burst from the foreground. Gabriel turned and saw Dawn looking at the work of art behind him. Quickly the prince instructed Dawn to turn around.

“Back up slowly.” Gabriel muttered “a little quicker actually.” He added seeing Lady Suzzanne's little group heading towards them. The ladies bright red cheeks clashed horribly with her dress as she marched towards them. Gabriel grinned at her and grabbed the back of Dawn's tunic pulling him backwards. Dawn blinked as everything went black.   

The End

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