In Paradise

50 Years Earlier



A week later Gabriel was able to pull his jacket over the straps that lightly held his wings down. He tied his slightly damp hair into a long tail.

“Sire?” Dawn mumbled from his bedroom door. Gabriel turned and smiled as Dawn tugged at the large black jacket that covered his own wings. Gabriel walked to him.

“You look great” he smiled adjusting the large angels collar.

“I look ridiculous.” Dawn grumbled picking at the silver strips on his sleeve.

“You’ll get used to it.” Gabriel said “I think your hairs getting long enough to tie back too.” Dawn pulled a face at him. “Or not” Gabriel grinned gripping Dawn's waist.

“So what's going to happen?” Dawn asked Gabriel sighed.

“You know what's going to happen you’ve asked me repeatedly over the last week.”

“I'm sorry.” Dawn muttered “I'm just nervous.”

“I know” Gabriel replied “I've grown up with this but I can imagine that it’s terrifying for you.” Dawn nodded and Gabriel smiled. “Don’t worry just remember your manners I’ll introduce you where I can, you remember how to greet people correctly?” Dawn nodded again.

“Yes, sire.” He said Gabriel grinned.

“Good” Gabriel said “we have to see mother beforehand.” Dawn sniffed tugging his tunic again.


Sylver and Tairas met them on the way.

“Have we heard from Maxwell yet?” Gabriel asked as they stopped outside the small antechamber beside the throne room.

“No” Sylver sighed “there are patrols searching for him.” Gabriel nodded.

“I might join them soon” he said “its party time again, mother is bound to find a ‘suitable bride’ for me.” Sylver smiled at Dawn.

“You can’t fob off every suitor she suggests.”

“I know” Gabriel said dully “what time is it?” Sylver walked to the banister and looked over at the large clock in the entrance hall.

“Seven” he said “in we go” Sylver opened the door and Gabriel walked in first Sylver pushed Dawn in next and he and Tairas followed.

Aura sat in a large, plain wooden chair a small table beside her.

“Good evening mother” Gabriel said as he and Dawn knelt together.

“Good evening.” Aura smiled “much better, Dawn” she added as Dawn rose with the prince and stepped to one side. Sylver and Tairas did the same.

“mother.” Both angels said together, Aura nodded.

“Tonight the party is for you four.” Aura said standing she moved to Gabriel “beforehand,” she said placing a hand on his shoulder, “you will gain two marks, my son.”

“Yes mother” Gabriel said not allowing his eyes to follow her.

“Also, your uniform is to change to that of general.” Gabriel's eyebrows rose.
“Really?” he asked Aura smiled.

“Yes my son” she moved to Sylver.

“Your role will also change,” she said.
“But mother, the library…” Sylver cried.

“Will not be taken from you but you will begin to teach magick to the younger knights as part of their training.” She smiled lightly. “once I have figured out the problem with it that is.” Sylver grinned.

“Thank you.” He said.
“You are welcome” Aura moved again “Tairas, you will up rank too. Becoming the palace weapon smith and teacher of the gods.” Tairas bowed slightly “we neglect our religious beliefs.” Aura added.

“Thank you.” He said sedately.

“And last but not least,” she moved to Dawn.

“I get something?” Dawn asked then he looked even more shocked as Aura laughed.

“Indeed.” She smiled “you have achieved more than any angel I have ever known and today will receive four war marks.” Dawn's eyes widened even more “also a job opportunity presents itself and you will become captain of the guard.”

“But…” he stopped himself.

“I am aware,” Aura said moving back to her seat “that it means you will leave your position as the princes man at arms but you will be under the tutelage of Gabriel, Sylver and Tairas until you can perform your duties at a reasonable level.” Dawn felt the blood drain from his face. “I believe you were orphan before you came here?” Aura continued.

“Yes, milady.” Dawn said his face flushing.

“Then I do not think man at arms is appropriate for you I do believe, however, that you will perform duties as a captain well.

“I have a request mother.” Gabriel said Aura looked at him a look of polite curiosity on her face.

“certainly.” She said

“I request that Dawn is allowed to stay in my quarters while his training is ongoing.”

“Why such a request, my son?” Aura frowned.

“Because he is in desperate need of weapons training and I wish him to start immediately. This means hard hours and early mornings.” Aura nodded.

“And late nights, if I am remembering correctly.” She smiled tapping the thin blade at her own waist. “Very well but he will not neglect his chores or magickal and spiritual needs either.”

“Yes mother” Gabriel smiled. Aura sighed and turned to the little wooden box on the small table beside her.

“Now to the unpleasant part.” She said opening the lid of the box she lifted a thick needle from it. “Step forward my son.” She said looking at Gabriel.



The End

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