Drawings and DecisionsMature

Dawn waited impatiently in Lou's study sketching absently.

“Can I see?” Amelia asked looking at her Dawn frowned “your drawings, you must have done five in the last hour.” Dawn looked down at the pad and saw a sketchy version of Lou beginning to take form on the page.

“Sure” he said laying the now worn stick of charcoal on the desk.

“These are pretty good” Amelia smiled “I’ll get you a new sword if I can have this one.” She held up the pad and Dawn saw a picture of her and deacon the male daemons arm rested casually across Amelia’s shoulder.

“Have it” Dawn shrugged “I don’t even remember drawing it.”

“I don’t take without giving it’s not the way I work.”

“I know” Dawn said rubbing his temples

“Be patient” Amelia said passing the drawings back “he keeps his word,”

“I know that too” Dawn sighed “but I hate being left out of the loop”

“I can understand that” Lou's voice said from the doorway Dawn looked around.

“Any news?” he asked Lou looked at him and nodded slowly his face serious.

“It seems we have a little issue” Lou said, “Can I have a piece of paper Dawn?” Lou sat down at his desk as Dawn pulled a sheet of plain paper from the drawing pad. Lou used the piece of charcoal from the desk to draw three thick lines on the paper. “okay, here we have Paradise, Earth and Hell” he drew a faint line above Hell this is the uninhabitable place that joins to us.” Dawn nodded and Lou drew another line between Hell and the uninhabitable landscape. “This is a new place.”

“A new place?” Dawn asked frowning.

“Yes,” Lou said “it appeared just over three weeks ago.”

“When Dawn fell” Amelia frowned.

“From the reports” Lou sighed “at exactly the same moment.”

“Why?” Dawn asked Lou smiled

“It appears Dawn that this place was made for you.”

“Me?” Dawn growled Lou nodded.

“As Hell was made for me.” He said “the only downfall is that all access to Earth is now blocked.”

“I don’t want a place.” Dawn said Lou looked at him.

“It’s come at the perfect time.” He said “I can shift some of the daemons from down here”

“And?” Dawn asked knowing already that he wouldn’t like the next bit.

“And you will rule them.”

“No” Dawn snapped “no way.”

“I’ll help you” Lou said as Dawn struggled to stand.
“I don’t care, I can’t.” Dawn snarled Lou stood too. “You can, its what you're meant to do” Dawn glared at him.

“I don’t believe in fate or destiny” Dawn growled “I'm not doing it.”

“Let’s go and see it before you make up your mind.”

“My minds already made up” Dawn sighed as Lou gripped his shoulder.

The End

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