The Seers TowerMature

In Lou's Study


“Daemons don’t really have it easy do they?” Dawn asked sitting down smiling as he took the weight off his sore legs.

“What makes you say that?” Lou asked.
“Most of them…” he paused “us” he corrected Lou smiled. “Are ill in some way.”

“Not really ill” Lou said “just having problems.”

“What could deacon see when he tore up the cell?” Dawn questioned Lou shook his head.

“I'm not sure.” He sighed there have been rumours that there is something down there that shouldn’t be but I thought they were just tales.”

“What could it be?”

“I'm clueless” Lou said frowning as Amelia came in.

“You called, sire?” she said Dawn frowned but Lou nodded.
“I did” he smiled “we’re off to the seer’s tower, I would like you to accompany us.”



Amelia smiled at Dawn as they stood outside the tower, Dawn looked up, he couldn’t see the top as it vanished into the darkness above.

Lou raised his hand to knock as the door swung open a woman in long black robes and a face veil stood in the doorway.

“My lord.” Lou walked into the hallway and Dawn followed shivering slightly as the air seemed to turn cold.

“lady.” Lou said seriously turning to the woman.

“And this is?” the woman asked her eyes widening above her veil as she examined Dawn.

“That is of no matter.” Lou growled as Dawn opened his mouth.

“Very well” the woman said looking at Dawn for a moment longer. “And Amelia” she snarled her eyes flicking to the daemon beside Dawn. “You will wait here.” She growled.

“She will not” Lou snarled “they both come with me” the woman frowned then turned on her heel and marched away.

Lou followed slowly allowing Dawn to keep pace with him.


The seeing room was a small room, tables set out in neat rows just large enough for one person to sit at. Most of theses people were women a few men dotted about. All of them stared at blank mirrors or into tiny water bowls, beside each table stood an apprentice with a writing pad poised to start taking notes.   

Lou stood just inside the doorway beckoning Dawn and Amelia in. one of the seers looked up her eyes slid from Lou past Amelia and stopped on Dawn one by one the others copied their eyes rising to stare at Dawn.

“What is going on?” the woman who had answered the door whispered.

“I have no idea.” Lou said looking at Dawn too. One of the younger seers stood quickly and made a beeline for Dawn gripping the daemons arm.

“Sire,” he whispered “you must leave this room.” he pulled Dawn gently and Lou nodded at his son. Dawn left as quickly as he could glad to out from the unblinking gaze of the seers.

“What is going on?” Lou demanded once the door to the seeing room was closed.

“I'm not sure sire.” The man replied

“What is your name?”

“Sarai” the man said.

“Sarai” Lou repeated “I wish to see the reports now.”

“Certainly sire,” Sarai said “but there is nothing to see in them.”

“What?” Lou growled black lines crawled across his skin.

“There has been no news at all in the last forty- eight hours.” Lou stared at him.

“Nothing?” he asked.

“No sire.” Sarai said “not even weather changes.”

“Why wasn’t I informed?” Lou growled.

“We thought it would pass” Sarai said.

“I want anything that comes in” Lou said “and everything from the last week in my study by tonight.”

“Yes, sire.” Sarai said.

“Why did they stare at me?” Dawn asked Lou looked at him as did Sarai.

“You are the son of Lucifer are you not?” he asked Dawn nodded. “Then that is why”

“Huh?” Dawn frowned.

“The last vision was a collective,” Sarai said. “We all saw you with no bruises or the staff, and you were somewhere else.”

“Where?” Lou said firmly.

“We don’t know.” Sarai sighed. “We’ve had nothing since.”

“The reports Sarai” Lou said his voice a little calmer.

“Yes, sire.” Sarai said he bowed slightly before hurrying away.

“I will take you back to the house, then I'm going to see Jules.” Lou said.

“Can…” Dawn started,

“No” Lou interrupted knowing the question. “I wish to go alone, something odd is going on and I want to know what it is.”

“Fine” Dawn growled Lou smiled and moved in front of his son lifting his face to look at him.

“I will tell you anything I find out” Lou smiled “I promise.”

“Even if it’s about me?” Dawn asked Lou paused then nodded.

“Yes even then”


The End

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