In the Gaol


“Sire” one of the guards rushed over to Lou as they appeared.

“What is it?” Lou frowned.
“Deacon” the guard said quickly, Lou didn’t listen to more he ran down the corridor to deacons cell. Dawn hobbled after him watching as Lou entered the small cell when he got outside the bars he froze pages of books littered the cell. The bed and shelves were in pieces Lou had his arms around the small daemon that was sat on the floor his knees drawn up his hands buried in blood streaked white-blonde hair.

“Its okay, deacon.” Lou was saying gently the little daemon muttered something. “There’s nothing here now.” Lou replied.

“They wouldn’t leave.” Deacon said looking up his hands tightening in his hair.

“They’re gone now.” Lou said he gripped the daemons wrists gently “let go” he said deacon did so and lowered his hands Lou let him go and brushed his hands over deacons hair flattening it down.

“Deacon?” Dawn said quietly the small daemons head snapped up to look at him. Dawn saw bloodshot grey eyes.

“Dawn” deacon said a small smile appeared for a moment then he looked back at Lou. “I want to go home” he said quietly Lou nodded.

“Okay” he smiled “Dawn, come here.” Dawn limped into the cell and knelt awkwardly Lou took his free hand. “Hold tight this might be a little bumpy, I'm not used to carrying two.” Dawn closed his eyes held his breath as a huge hand seemed to squeeze him for a second then he opened his eyes they were in a large room he hadn’t seen before.

Lou stood pulling deacon up.

“There” he smiled “how are you feeling now?” he asked.

“Tired, sire.” Deacon said Lou nodded, “and a little embarrassed.”

“nonsense.” Lou smiled “I shouldn’t have neglected you for so long.”

“Sire” deacon shook his head “you’ve had other things on your mind.” Deacon looked at Dawn.

“true.” Lou said “but I’ll try and help later today.” He looked at deacons hands the knuckles were scratched and bloody. “You need cleaning up.” Deacon shook his head again.

“No” he said Lou helped him up as the small daemons legs sagged. “I need to sleep first.”

“Did you want me to stay?” Lou asked.

“No sire” he said as Lou watched him settle into his bed. “You need rest too and your sons in pain.” Lou looked at Dawn.

“You didn't say” he frowned Dawn was looking at deacon strangely.

“How did you know that?” he asked deacon smiled tiredly.

“Its what I do.” He said.

“Come along Dawn” Lou said smiling at deacon. “Call me if you need me.” Deacon nodded his eyes already closed.

The End

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