50 years earlier



Dawn smiled at his new clothes the trading system in the city was fascinating. Material and goods were traded instead of being paid for. There was no monetary system at all and as Lou had explained the trading posts he had said that money was the main problem in places like Paradise.

“You see, the rich have money they don’t need.” Lou smiled as the daemons moved out of their way. “While the poor are starving.” Dawn nodded.

“So where do they get new things?”

“Earth mostly” Lou said as they entered a small café “occasionally we trade with the elves, magick is a precious commodity for them.”

“How can you trade magick?” Dawn frowned Lou smiled at a buxom but almost handsome woman in the café.

“Hang on” Lou said to Dawn.

“Hello sire.” The woman said smiling.

“Hi Sall” Lou grinned he turned to Dawn “let me introduce my son, Dawn.” Sall looked pleasantly surprised.

“About time too.” She said “nice to finally meet you, young master.

“My names Dawn.” Sall smiled. “Coffee?” she asked.

“Sounds good.” Lou nodded sitting at one of the empty tables in the shop Dawn joined him.

a machine nearby rumbled loudly, Dawn looked at her as saw two bare wires in her hands he frowned Lou saw him.

“She controls electricity.” He explained. “Which is one of the reasons we’re here.” The machine clicked off Sall bought over two mugs of coffee.

“I take it the elves are trading again?” Sall asked Lou nodded. “I'm running low on coffee again” Sall said joining them as Lou pulled a chair over for her.

“Okay” he said jotting it down on the little notepad. “And?”

“And…” Sall pondered for a moment “I could use some new clothes for the kids, they're growing again.”  Lou nodded.

“Anything else?” Sall shook her head and Lou put the notepad away.

“I’ll talk to Jez” he said Sall nodded.

“Thanks” she stood up and Dawn watched as she ducked down behind the counter. He heard a metal grinding sound and she came out again with a small box in her hands. “Here” she said passing the tiny box to Lou.

“I’ll get the supplies to you tonight.” He smiled opening the lid of the box. “and here is the answer to your question.” Dawn looked inside a tiny silver ball sat inside Dawn frowned at it and jumped as a spark flashed up out of the box.

“That’s lightning stored.” Lou smiled closing the box again.
“Lightning?” Dawn mumbled then repeated the word he saw Lou bite his lip.

“Try not to think on it” he said gently.

“Memory loss?” Sall muttered Dawn and Lou nodded.

“Its common young master.” Sall sighed.

“Too common” Lou growled he looked at Dawn carefully. “Do you want to go back to the palace?” he asked gently Dawn shook his head Sall stood up.

“I have something that may help.” She said Dawn watched her disappear up a flight of stairs.

“I'm okay” Dawn said as Lou stood too moving to rest a hand on Dawn's shoulder he bent down to look at the pale face.

“Are you sure?” Lou asked Dawn nodded slowly and Lou moved back to his chair as Sall came back down the stairs. She held a paper wrapped package in her hands.

“here” she passed it to Dawn he looked at it frowning and lay it down on the table he unfolded the paper from around it and Lou smiled as Dawn carefully lifted a brand new drawing pad and two sticks of charcoal from the wrapping.

“Draw” Sall smiled “it helps, trust me. It helps you piece together the fragments.”

“Thank you” he said stunned.

“What did you want for it?” Lou asked.

“Nothing” Sall shook her head “but you owe me one if it works.”

“I think I owe you one if it doesn’t.” Lou said watching Dawn run his fingers over the smooth paper a small smile on his face.

“Well,” Sall said “I’d better get on” she stood up and Dawn looked at her.

“Thank you.” He said.

“You’ve already thanked me” Sall said smiling. “Your thanks can be to draw me something if you turn out to be any good.”

“I will” he said wrapping the protective paper around the drawing pad once more. Lou stood up and gave his empty mug to Sall as Dawn drained his own.

“We’d better be going.” Lou said tucking the little box into his shirt. “Thanks for this Sall.”

“You’re welcome.” She said “I hope to see you again Dawn.”

“You will” Dawn smiled “I have a picture to give you.” Lou grinned and rested a hand on Dawn's shoulder.

“Lets drop these off and go and see deacon” Sall looked up.

“Say hello for me.” She smiled.

“Will do” Lou nodded and they disappeared Dawn opened his eyes to see Lou's study once more.

The End

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