50 Years Earlier


Sylver walked into the princes bedroom to see his brother laying on the bed and Dawn walked around a deep red flush rising on his face.

“Did I interrupt?” Sylver asked.

“No” Gabriel said standing up slowly and straightening his tunic.

“Do the laces up Dawn.” Sylver said pointing at the laces that tightened the neckline of Dawn's shirt.


Aura sat in the throne room talking with Francis. Gabriel limped across the hall with Sylver following Dawn walked behind him, Gabriel knelt awkwardly.

“Mother” he greeted, Sylver copied him once Gabriel had stood aside. Dawn fumbled slightly slipping onto both knees.

“milady.” He muttered.

“Rise, young Dawn” Aura smiled standing up she stepped down from the dais. “I think a few etiquette lessons are in order for you.” She said gently laying her hand on Dawn's shoulder.

“Yes milady.” Dawn nodded.

“My sons” she smiled leaving Dawn's side and walking to them. “You are both looking much better.” She frowned at Gabriel. “Your uniform is incomplete.”

“I know my mother.” Gabriel said “I am unable to strap my wing down.” Aura nodded.

“Very well.” She smiled again “I think new robes are in order for you.” She said looking at Sylver. His midnight blue robes were tattered around the hem and sleeves, he nodded. “And you,” she turned to Dawn “you are in need of a uniform.” She smiled as Dawn opened his mouth then closed it again, Aura laughed gently. “Better to keep mouths shut when unsure of your words. Follow me all of you.”


Aura swept down the corridors of the palace. The others followed closely Gabriel struggled to keep up. Aura held the door open and they entered the seamstresses room.
“Martha” Aura called a large angel looked out from behind an enormous loom.

“Your highness” a woman greeted bowing. “How are you?”

“I am very well, thank you.” Aura smiled, “we have two fittings Sylver is just a resize and I do not believe any of the pre-sewn captains uniforms will fit young Dawn” Marie looked at Dawn.

“I agree milady.” She smiled “he's a big lad isn’t he?” she said pulling out a tape measure as Dawn turned red.

“Captain?” Dawn whispered to Gabriel as Maria lifted his arm measuring along its length. Aura and Sylver moved off into the racks of different coloured uniforms, Gabriel smiled.

“I'm not saying a word” the prince said.

“If I may say your highness?” Marie said as she prompted Dawn to stand straighter, Gabriel nodded. “Your uniform seems to have grown.”

“I have lost a little weight recently.” Gabriel smiled “I’ll put it back on.”

“No doubt sire, perhaps I could take it in temporarily for the ceremony?”

“certainly.” Gabriel said “my jacket will need adjusting too.”

“I can take it in” Marie suggested.

“I cannot strap my wing to tightly.” Gabriel said.

“I see” Marie smiled rolling her tape measure up again. “I’ll see what I can do.”   


The End

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