Tiny MemoryMature


50 years later.

In the Gaol



Jules’ mouth hung slack, Lou put the pad and pen back in his pocket and opened the cell door. He gently lifted the woman and set her down on her bed, then joined Dawn again.

“Come along” Lou said resting a hand on Dawn's shoulder “I think that’s enough for one day.” They vanished together and reappeared in Lou's study.

“What was all that about?” Dawn asked confused, Lou pulled the small notepad again and read through it.

“Something to worry about” he frowned “the planes are shifting.” He muttered.

“What does it mean?” Dawn asked sitting down again his legs spiking with pain.

“I'm not sure” Lou said “but coinciding with a few other rumours that I've heard.” He looked at Dawn. “I think we need to get you better before we do anything else, then we can find out what the other seers think.”

“Why not now?”

“Because neither of us are ready for it yet.” Lou said “I'm too tired and you're not mentally ready.”

“How do you know?”

“You set her vision off” Lou said “your mind is so busy she couldn’t handle it.”

“Sorry” Dawn muttered.

“No need” Lou smiled “she is one of the most powerful psychics we have here. I trust her visions ninety-five percent of the time.”

“Only ninety-five?”  Dawn frowned.

“On most occasions the future can be changed but her visions have been perfectly accurate almost every time.” Lou sighed “war will come too all.” He muttered.

“When?” Dawn asked Lou shook his head.

“I don’t know.” He said “I will go down and see her again later.”

“Can I come?” Dawn asked Lou smiled.

“Certainly” he said “but I will ask if you can keep your distance from her and see if she has an episode without prompting.” Dawn nodded trying to cover a yawn. “You need sleep.” Lou stood up.

“I’ll be okay” Dawn said annoying himself as he yawned again.

“Get some rest” Lou smiled as they reappeared in Dawn's room. “I'm going to try and sleep too” Dawn nodded and sat down, he hissed in pain as he bent forward to unlace his boots. Lou smiled as he knelt and untied the boots Dawn smiled and kicked them off.

“Thanks” he said propping his walking staff against the bedside table.

“You’re welcome.

“Don’t leave without me.” Dawn said as Lou walked towards the door.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Lou smiled. “It’s good to have you here.” He said quietly.

“I think I could like it here.” Dawn said as he lay down his eyes closing.



Dawn awake to the smell of strong coffee and he opened his eyes smiling at Amelia.
“Hi” he greeted.

“That’s the best greeting I've had from you so far.” She said happily.

“sorry.” He said sitting up stiffly.

“Its okay you're better than Lou when I wake him up.” She shot a glance behind her and Dawn noticed the daemon sitting at the table.

“Good evening” Lou smiled “and I'm not that bad in the mornings.” He said to Amelia. Dawn swung his sore legs out of bed.

“How can you tell if its morning or evening here?” he asked “from what I've noticed there is no night or day here, there isn’t even any weather.” Lou laughed and stood up walking over.

“Purely guesswork” he said “I know its night because I get tired and morning is when I wake.” Dawn pulled a face at him Lou smiled and picked up Dawn's boots. “It also depends what time it is” Dawn pushed the boots onto Dawn's feet and began to tie them up.

“I can do that.” Dawn muttered.

“My way is faster.” Lou said passing Dawn the walking staff.

“Perhaps,” Dawn growled standing up awkwardly “but it’s still undignified.” Lou laughed and sat back down at the table. Dawn shuffled over and flopped down in the other chair, Lou pushed two of the little white pills across the table. “I’ll be okay” Dawn said pushing them back.

“Then pocket them” Lou said pushing them back “just in case.” Dawn nodded doing as he was told.

“So what are we doing today?” Dawn asked as Amelia pulled a comb through his hair he tried to swat her away as Lou sniggered.

“Hold still” Amelia said lightly smacking his hands away.
“I can do it myself.” Dawn grumbled.

“I'm nearly done” she retorted.

“It’s not funny.” Dawn growled as Lou burst out laughing.

“Your expression is” the daemon grinned Dawn glared at him as Amelia put the comb down.

“You could do with a haircut.” She said.

“I know” Dawn said Lou smiled.
“Maybe we can do that tomorrow as well as get a few things you need.”   

“Like what?” Dawn asked.

“Some clothes” Lou said “and a weapon of some kind.”

“I had a weapon” Dawn said his eyes going blank “two in fact.”

“Don’t try and remember, it will come when you're ready.”

“I want to be ready now.” Dawn growled.

“I know.” Lou sighed.

“How can you know?” Dawn snarled Lou smiled sadly.

“Because I had the same memory problems when I fell.” Dawn's eyebrows rose.

“Really?” Lou nodded.

“The only difference is that you have people to help and care for you” Amelia said “Lou had no one.”

“There were no daemons here?” Lou shook his head.

“The first few daemons were on earth” he said “Hell appeared when I fell.”

“So you took over?” Dawn asked draining his coffee, Lou nodded.

“I tracked down the earthbound daemons and invited them here” Lou said “after I went a bit bonkers, a few of them came with me.”

“I was one” Amelia smiled.

“What’s earth like?” he asked.

“Wild, beautiful and deadly.” Amelia smiled. “When Lou found me the superstitions of human kind had gone wrong, religion was questioned and the humans feared any kind of magick, so I was in hiding.”

“What about Amarantine?” Dawn asked remembering the only glimpse of earth he had ever had.

“Amarantine is a whole different story.” Lou said.  

The End

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