Gabriel in UniformMature

Gabriel pulled on a black, long sleeved shirt and a black, sleeveless tunic trimmed in gold all with Sylver's help. Only just managing to tug on he black trousers himself, a gold strip ran down the seams on the outside and Sylver adjusted them to make sure they were straight.

“Gabriel?” Sylver said holding up the jacket that finished the uniform but Gabriel shook his head.

“I can’t strap my wings down yet.” He said Sylver hung it back up as Gabriel did the tunic up struggling slightly with tiny hooks that finished at his throat.

Gabriel didn’t look up as Dawn's door opened.

“This is all I…” he stopped his eyes settling on Gabriel who looked at him when he stopped talking.

“What?” Gabriel asked frowning as Dawn stared at him.

“I…” Dawn stuttered.

“I hope you're more articulate around Aura.” Lou laughed from the end of Gabriel's bed.

“I wish you wouldn’t just pop in” Gabriel growled strapping his sword on he shifted it slightly as it sat on a deep bruise on his hip.

“Sorry princeling.” Lou smiled “but even I have to admit you scrub up well, bruises and all.” Gabriel glared at him. “Doesn’t he Dawn?” Lou added with a grin. Dawn nodded slowly his eyes not leaving Gabriel.

“Wakey wakey Dawn” Sylver laughed “if you'll all excuse me I have to change too.” Dawn seemed to wake up a little and he smiled.

“sorry.” He said Gabriel sniffed and shifted the sword again.

“Problems princeling?” Lou asked frowning.

“Stop calling me that.” Gabriel snapped finally taking his belt off he removed the sword sheath and fiddled with it before threading it back on and sat it on the other hip.

“Better?” Lou asked.

“Not really.” Gabriel winced “it'll do”

“I’ll be right back.” Sylver smiled.

“Did you want something Lou?” Gabriel asked sitting down on the bed.

“Just checking everyone’s okay” Lou smiled “you both look a lot better.

“I definitely feel a lot better.” Dawn grinned still looking at Gabriel.

“Will you stop it?” Gabriel growled. Dawn moved and walked to the bed reaching down he gently pulled the prince up into a hug.

“Well, maybe I’ll come back later.” Lou said “see you soon” he vanished.

“Dawn, I don’t want this creased” Dawn laughed.

“I must say, your highness.” He said grinning happily. “You look wonderful.”   


The End

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