Clean ClothesMature

Sylver walked back into the princes room to see Dawn pulling clothes from the wardrobe. His brother was limping from the kitchen.

“Are you ready to go?” Sylver asked Gabriel nodded.


The empty communal pool looked strange to Gabriel as they slowly walked to the smaller rooms.

“Not getting in there?” Sylver smiled knowing his brothers dislike for the large pool.

“No chance” Gabriel growled holding his side.

“I don’t see why you don’t like it.” Sylver frowned “especially when it’s empty.”

“I just don’t.” Gabriel grumbled heading down the small corridor lined with doors to the one at the end.

“Do you need help?” Sylver asked as Dawn put the clothes, bandages and the towel on the marble bench.

“I’ll be fine” Gabriel said shortly disappearing behind the screen that separated the two small pools.

“Did you want this one?” Sylver asked looking at Dawn who shook his head.
“No thanks.” Sylver nodded and pulled off his jacket. Dawn stood up mumbled something and moved to the screen.

“Sire” he said he heard Gabriel sigh.

“Come this side if you have too.” The prince called Sylver smiled as Dawn moved to the other side of the room.

“Its nothing you haven’t seen before.” Gabriel added and Sylver laughed. Dawn sat down on the identical marble bench putting the towel and clothes beside him.

Gabriel was standing with just his loose trousers on Dawn looked at him seeing the deep bruises and cuts properly in the bright light from the frosted window in the ceiling.

“Dawn stop staring you haven’t done it for ages.” Gabriel growled.

“sorry.” Dawn stood up and moved quickly wrapping his arms around the princes waist. He hugged Gabriel tightly trying to avoid his injuries.

“Dawn?” Gabriel groaned Dawn let him go looking at him.

“I'm sorry.” Dawn said again turning his back as Gabriel tugged his trousers off and climbed down the shallow steps into the pool.

“What are you sorry for now?” Gabriel asked as he pulled the tie out of his hair.

Dawn stood up as he saw the prince struggling to unbraid his hair one handed.

He knelt beside the pool and took Gabriel's hair from him.


An hour later Dawn retied the princes braid and was wrapping the bandages carefully. He helped Gabriel dress in loose cotton clothes.

“How do I look?” Gabriel asked untucking the wet braid from the back of his shirt. Dawn looked at the bruises under the princes eyes and the split in his lip and smiled.

“You look good.” He said.

“And why don’t I believe you?” Gabriel smiled slightly. Dawn grinned and wrapped his arms around the smaller angel.

“Are you two finished?” Sylver called.

“Nearly” Dawn said grinning at Gabriel.

“Are you dressed?” Sylver laughed from the other side of the screen.

“yes.” Gabriel sighed Sylver walked around his hair dripped water down his cheeks. “I suggest we go and see mother.”

“I agree” Sylver nodded he looked at Dawn “I say we all need to change first.”

“The clothes are clean” Dawn frowned.

“Uniform, Dawn” Gabriel smiled “and you must have neater clothes somewhere.”

The End

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