In Paradise

50 Years Earlier


“Of course we can escort him mother.” Sylver said as Aura explained the plan.

“And you young Dawn?” Aura asked.

“Yes” Dawn nodded “milady”

“Very well” Aura smiled “I shall ensure that Gabriel is seen by matron tomorrow morning and that by the afternoon the baths are empty of their occupants.” Aura stood up “I shall bid you all farewell I must get some rest.”

“Can I escort you to your rooms mother?” Sylver asked.

“Thank you Sylver but no Tairas will walk with me.” Aura said seeing the quiet angel in the doorway he nodded. “Work out how you will get to the baths discreetly tomorrow”

“Of course” Sylver nodded.

“Goodnight to you all” Aura said leaving the room.

“Goodnight mother.” Sylver called then looked at Gabriel to see the prince was already asleep.


Matron arrived early the next morning Sylver and Dawn were already moving about in Gabriel's rooms and the prince was already grumbling.

“Good morning, sire.” Matron said from the door Gabriel grumbled something back and she walked over to him.

“Good morning matron” Sylver smiled.

“Good morning, your grace.” She said “and to you 2275.” She added Gabriel saw Dawn freeze.

“His name is Dawn now” Gabriel said wincing as she began to unwrap his arm.

“My apologies Dawn” she said Dawn smiled slightly.

“And both Dawn and his grace are going to wait outside” Gabriel growled.

“We are?” Dawn frowned.

“Yes” Gabriel snapped.

“Come along Dawn” Sylver said gripping Dawn's arm “I’ll give you a game of chess.”



 Two hours later, Dawn and Sylver looked up as matron opened the door.

“His highness said you can go in now.” She said she was drying her hands on a small towel.

“Good” Sylver said standing up he looked back down at the chessboard “checkmate by the way.” He added smiling at Dawn.

“I will warn you he is not in a good mood.”

“When is he ever in a good mood?” Dawn asked matron tired to hide her smile.

“Well, I can say that I now know more curse words then I care to mention.”   Dawn laughed and followed Sylver into the bedroom. The prince was sitting up his bare feet on the floor.

“You look much better.” Sylver smiled Gabriel grumbled something in reply.

“I couldn’t heal him much but I have left his dressings off so he can bathe” matron said following them in she picked her medical bag up from the end of the bed. “I have left clean bandages in the kitchen. The wing is almost healed but will ache for some time.” Sylver nodded.

“I wish I could help” he sighed.

“Me too” Dawn sat down beside the prince.

“Never mind” matron said “these things can not be helped”

“Thank you Elizabeth” Sylver said matron nodded.

“I will go and see her highness now, if I am not needed here.” Sylver smiled.

“That’s fine” he said “I may join you we have two hours before the baths are empty.”

“Very well” matron said leaving the room Sylver followed her.



Dawn heard the main door click shut and he looked at Gabriel.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Not bad” Gabriel said quietly Dawn put an arm around him and Gabriel looked up at him. The large angel kissed the princes neck. “Dawn” Gabriel said.

“What?” Dawn muttered.

“Let me have a bath before you start that”

“Why?” Dawn growled “you'll only want another one later.” Gabriel laughed wincing as his healing ribs pulled painfully.

“Get off you idiot” Gabriel smiled Dawn grinned back and kissed him again before letting him go.

“So,” Dawn said looking for a conversation “what did your mother want?” Gabriel shook his head lighting a cigarette he passed the pack to Dawn.
“Not much” he said watching Dawn move around the room as he looked for something to occupy them.  

The End

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