Dawn opened his eyes and saw Amelia leaning over him.

“Good morning sire” she smiled Dawn sat up stiffly.

“morning.” He grumbled as Amelia moved to a table nearby.

“I've made you a coffee.” She said carrying the mug over to him.

“Thanks” he smiled wrapping his hands around the warm mug.

“You’re welcome” she smiled bustling around. “Lucifer asked if you would like to join him today” Dawn looked up.

“Doing what?” he asked swinging his still stiff and painful legs out of the bed.

“I think he's visiting the Gaol today”

“Gaol?” Dawn asked drinking his coffee.

“There are some daemons that are too dangerous to roam free.” Amelia said Dawn nodded, in the few weeks he'd been in Hell he'd met a few different types of daemon. So far only Amelia fascinated him her shape shifting abilities were useful as Dawn gave her bad descriptions of people he barely remembered. Lou had sighed as Amelia's efforts had failed to jog Dawn's memory any further.

“I might go.” Dawn nodded he put his empty mug on the bedside table and stood up concentrating carefully on each step, he ignored the walking staff that lay beside the bed and the sharp stabbing pains that spiked up his legs. Amelia smiled widely.

“You’re getting there.” She grinned “here” she came forward with a thin shirt and trousers in her hands.

“Thanks” Dawn smiled sitting down in an armchair. Amelia helped him pull on the shirt gently moving his wings, they were still weak from lack of use. He refused help with the trousers.

“Its not like you have anything I haven’t seen before.” She sighed patiently “I did clean you up and sorted out your dressings everyday.

“For which I am grateful,” Dawn smiled “but I was also unconscious at the time.” Dawn stood up shakily to do the button on the trousers up.

“That’s true” Amelia smiled she lifted the walking staff and passed it to him.

“I could learn to hate this thing.” Dawn growled Amelia laughed.

“The way you're going you won’t need it much longer.” She opened the door for him.

Lou looked up from a desk covered in paperwork as Dawn shuffled in.

“Hi” the large daemon smiled.

“Hey” Dawn grimaced as he sat down opposite his father.

“How are you today?”

“Sore” Dawn admitted. “But better.” Lou grinned.

“good.” He pushed two tiny white things across the desk to Dawn, who looked at them curiously. “codeine.” Lou said.

“Huh?” Dawn frowned picking up one of the tiny round pills.

“Strong painkillers.” Lou said “they are used on earth now and they work pretty well.”

“What do I do with them?” Dawn asked Lou looked slightly amused.

“You swallow them.” He smiled “don’t chew them though they taste disgusting” Dawn pulled a face and Lou pushed a glass of water towards him.


Twenty minutes later Dawn was feeling slightly light headed, the pain in his legs had dulled down and the rest of him felt fine.

“They’re good.” He grinned Lou nodded.

“I take it you're accompanying me today?” he asked standing up. Dawn nodded and Lou helped him up. “Whatever you see you're in no danger in the Gaol most of the prisoners are either kept under sedation or are magickally bound. They have persuasive tongues but just ignore what they say.”

“Why do you keep them like that?” Dawn asked standing up shakily.

“I don’t like keeping most of them but some of them are a danger to themselves and others most without meaning to be.” Lou sighed “the others are just nasty.”

“So there are some of them that don’t even realize that they hurt people?” Lou nodded.

“There are temporary inmates too, Deacon is one of them his very nature can harm others.”

“How?” Dawn frowned.

“Deacon’s story is not a happy one” Lou sighed. “Certain species of daemon have their own planes, the Incubi and Succubae are one of those species. Deacon is outcast and lives here voluntarily most of the time the rest of the daemons can deal with his energy draining but occasionally he has to have a full charge and he can kill if he does it unexpectedly.” Dawn climbed down a flight of stairs as Lou explained this to him, Lou walked slowly beside him ready to catch him if he stumbled or fell.

“So he drains energy?” Dawn said.

“It’s a little more complicated than that but I'm afraid it is his story to tell not mine.” Lou said Dawn nodded.

“What about the others?” he asked Lou smiled.

“You’ll see.”

The End

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