In HellMature

50 years later

 In Hell



Dawn stood shakily his leg muscles had wasted away more than he'd expected over the two weeks he'd spent in bed. Lou gripped his arm carefully and helped him along.

“This is ridiculous” Dawn growled as he landed on his knees.

“Take it slowly.” Lou smiled helping him back up “you'll get there.”

“Where’s there exactly?” Dawn snapped “I still have no idea who I am.”

“Yes you do” Lou said helping his son into a chair “you're Dawn, you're my son. That’s a start.”

“a depressingly slow start.” Dawn grumbled as Amelia and the male daemon who's name was Deacon came in Amelia carried a try with two steaming bowls on.

“Don’t worry,” Lou smiled “we have a long time to sort you out.”

“Sort what out?” Dawn snarled “I don’t even know why I'm here” Lou sighed.

“And you know I can’t tell you that” he said

“Why?” Dawn shouted “why can’t anyone tell me anything?” Amelia back away slightly as the floor beneath them trembled.

“Dawn” Lou said calmly “I can’t tell you because I don’t know most of it. If I could help I would.”

“Then tell me what you do know.” Dawn said slumping back in the chair.

“I have.” Lou sighed “I'm trying to help you in the best way I know how.” He looked at the two daemons beside the table. “Any news?”

“No sire” Amelia sighed “our scouts haven’t returned yet.”

“Deacon?” Lou said “any news from your lot?”

“No” the little daemon said shaking his blond head “I’ll try and get hold of them today.” Lou nodded. Dawn looked at the bowl of soup in front of him then looked away. Lou smiled and pushed it closer to his son.

“We don’t need to eat, Dawn but it does help when we’re ill” Dawn looked at him.

“I left someone behind didn’t I?” Dawn said tonelessly Lou felt his stomach drop.

“I did know about that” Lou admitted “yes you did”

“Who was it?” Dawn asked Lou nodded at Amelia and Deacon they left quickly.

“His name was Gabriel” Lou said quietly, Dawn shook his head the name meant nothing to him, Lou smiled. “Don’t worry it'll come back, I promise.”

“When?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t know but it may take some time.” Dawn stayed quiet for a moment then nodded thoughtfully.

“I was thrown out unfairly?” he said, Lou nodded.

“Yes, I believe so.” He said Dawn looked up and Lou swallowed he could feel the anger that coursed through his son.

“I will go back” Dawn said firmly “and I will find out everything.” Lou smiled fondly.

“You remind me of your mother” he said.

“Tell me about her?” Dawn said Lou lit a cigarette and nodded.

“Very well.” He smiled.

The End

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