Sylver watched Dawn carefully as he wrapped new bandages princes arm. Gabriel took most of the unwanted attention silently until Dawn sat beside him and touched his wing. Gabriel growled and smacked the large angels hands away.

“Gabriel?” Sylver said “did you want me to do that?”

“No” Gabriel said quickly his vision was starting to swim.

“It needs to be set properly” Sylver said “I didn’t have much time on the road.”

“No” Gabriel snapped he sighed “please” he said shaking his head.

“Dawn” Sylver said Dawn moved out of Sylver's way and he sat down beside his brother.

“Whatever happens and whatever you say it needs to be looked at.” Sylver said to Gabriel.

“I know” Gabriel said his voice was slurred, “not now.”

“sire.” Dawn said carefully, sitting on the other side of the bed. “Please?”

“No” Gabriel said as his vision blurred the bed seemed to tilt beneath him and he gripped Dawn's arm. “I can’t handle it right now” he muttered.

“Are you worried about passing out?” Sylver asked.

“No,” Gabriel said “I'm more worried about screaming like a girl.”

“Well that would be a first.” Lou said, Dawn felt Gabriel jump slightly.

“Do you have any healing magick?” Dawn asked his father.

“Not really,” Lou said “I might be able to do something” he sat beside Dawn seeing the prince gripping Dawn's arm tightly. “Gabriel, give me your hand” the daemon gently wrapped thin fingers around Gabriel's bandaged hand and the prince relaxed as soothing warmth rolled over him.

“Okay,” Sylver stood up. “Hold him tightly” he mouthed to Dawn.

“Stop whispering” Gabriel snapped as Dawn's arms tightened around him. Carefully Sylver took hold of Gabriel's broken wing.

“Hold tight” Lou said to Gabriel then he grimaced as Gabriel gripped his fingers the bones in the daemons hand creaked then Gabriel's body relaxed and he let Lou go, his eyes rolled up and he slid into unconsciousness.


When Gabriel awoke again it was dark and someone was stroking his hair, he tried to speak but all that he managed was a groan of pain.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly,

“How long have I been out for?”

“An hour or so” Dawn smiled

“How are you feeling?” Sylver said nearby Gabriel looked up to see him sitting on the end of the bed.

“Sore” Gabriel replied, Lou stood up from beside Sylver his form was flickering slightly.

“I’d better go”

“Don’t leave yet,” Dawn said

“I have to” Lou smiled “and you may want move too”

“Why?” Dawn frowned.

“Someone’s outside the door.” Lou said “see you all later.” Dawn gently moved Gabriel's bandaged arm off his chest as someone knocked.

“I’ll get it.” Sylver said “sort your hair out Dawn” he added. Dawn used his hands to flatten his hair.

“How’s that?” he asked Gabriel the prince nodded.

“Mother” Sylver's voice floated in from the lounge.

“Dawn” Gabriel said “help me roll back over.”

“Yes sire.” Dawn said walking around the bed he lifted Gabriel up just as Sylver, aura and Tairas came in, Gabriel hissed in pain as Dawn settled him on his back.

“Mother.” Gabriel greeted her.

“Gabriel” aura inclined her head towards her son.

“Milady” Dawn bowed slightly.

“Good evening Dawn” she smiled. “May I have a moment?” she asked Dawn stopped unsure what she meant.

“Come along Dawn” Sylver said he nodded and pulled the covers back over the prince.

“Call me if you need me.”

“Thank you Dawn” Gabriel said watching the large angel leave.

The End

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