Injuries and ArguementsMature

Gabriel jumped, jarring his wing as Lou and Dawn appeared he cried out in pain.

“Gabriel?” Dawn rushed to his side.

“I'm fine stop fussing” Gabriel growled, “where did you two go?”

“I took Dawn to see Hell.” Lou smiled.

“Fair enough” Gabriel said wrinkling his nose. “you stink of sulphur matches.” Dawn laughed.

“I like it.” He said

“why did you decide to go?” Gabriel asked trying to light a cigarette with his still bandaged fingers. Dawn took the lighter and did it for him the prince glared at him for a moment. “thanks.” He muttered.

“we went to discuss something.” Dawn said passing Gabriel's lighter back.

“like?” Gabriel frowned.

“you” Dawn said.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Lou smiled. “Gabriel you need to get a healer in here soon.”

“I'm waiting for matron.” Gabriel growled,

“don’t wait too long.” Lou said “see you both later.” He vanished.


“So what were you talking about me for?” Gabriel asked.

“Because I'm worried” Dawn said sitting down on the bed.

“About what?”

“You” Dawn smiled at him. “Us”

“Dawn I need more than that.” Gabriel said.

“I'm worried because you're ill”

“I'm fine Dawn” Gabriel said

“But you're not.” Dawn sighed.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled warningly Dawn stood up and looked at him.

“You see?” he said keeping his voice low. “This is what I mean you are black and blue with goddess knows how may broken bones and you tell me you're fine.”

“I am” Gabriel snapped.

“Fine” Dawn said turning on his heel he stormed into the little bedroom slamming the door. Sylver opened the bedroom door.

“Are you two okay?” he asked “I heard shouting.”

“I'm fine” Gabriel said,

“Liar” Dawn shouted from his own room.

“He’s mentally disturbed.” Gabriel snarled Sylver sighed.

“Gabriel what is going on?” he asked.

“Nothing” Gabriel snapped Sylver frowned.

“Dawn” he shouted “get out here now” Dawn wrenched the door open.

“What?” he growled.
“Sit” Sylver ordered pointing at the bed Dawn moved and sat in a chair instead. “now what is wrong with you two?” Sylver asked.

“nothing.” Gabriel said.

“That’s the problem.” Dawn said.

“What?” Sylver frowned.

“His highness won’t admit that anything is wrong with him.”

“Maybe there isn’t Dawn” Dawn looked at Sylver in disbelief for a moment.

“Are you blind?” he growled “he can’t even move without wincing or bleeding and he won’t let anyone help.”

“I don’t want help” Gabriel snarled.

“Will you two stop it?” Sylver shouted. “Dawn, lay off Gabriel will be fine.”

“Thank you.”

“I knew you'd take his side.” Dawn grumbled.

“I haven’t,” Sylver snarled “Gabriel get off your high horse and let someone help you.”

“No” Gabriel growled “I'm not letting anyone I don’t know near me.”

“What about someone you do know?” Sylver said sharply. “Dawn wants to help so let him.”  

“I can’t heal him” Dawn sighed.

“Is that what’s bothering you?” Sylver asked Dawn nodded and Sylver looked at his brother. “And what is making you such a pleasure to be around?”

“I don’t want help I'm fine.” Gabriel sighed.

“Grow up” Sylver snapped “Dawn cares about you and so do I but I can’t use my magick at the moment. That collar did something to it.”

“What?” Gabriel frowned.

“I'm not sure” Sylver sighed “but my magick has turned black and the only thing I can do is blow things up”

“Mine too” Dawn sighed. “That’s the other thing that’s been making me short tempered.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Gabriel asked.
“It’s only just happened.” Sylver said “in the last few hours.”

“Then it might not be the collars” Gabriel said speaking through clenched teeth. Dawn moved forward Gabriel glared at him but the large angel didn’t react putting an arm around the princes shoulders and propping the pillows up behind him.

“There” Dawn smiled.

“Thanks” Gabriel grumbled.

“Lou's looking for an answer.” Dawn said.

“As is mother.” Sylver said “between them they should come up with something” Dawn nodded. “Now Gabriel” Sylver said gently “will you let Dawn change your bandages at least?” Gabriel looked at his arm the sling still held his hand up by his shoulder. “I can make something up to numb the pain”

“Fine” Gabriel sighed.

The End

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