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Dawn awoke to Amelia and a strange little daemon changing his bandages again.

“Good morning sire.” Amelia smiled.

“What’s going on?” Dawn asked his voice sounded strained.

“Just making sure your healing properly.” Amelia smiled “its good to see you awake.” Dawn frowned at her.

“Can you take me home?” he asked as she rewrapped his arm, she looked at him sadly.

“I'm sorry sweetie” she said “but you are home.” The nickname seemed to echo in Dawn's mind.

“Sweetie” he muttered frowning, he closed his eyes and tried to remember where he'd heard the name before, he felt like he was in a dark room his nails scraping a pane of glass inside his mind, he knew that his memories lay just behind it.

“Sire?” the male daemon frowned “Are you alright?”

“Empty,” Dawn said dully opening his eyes again.

“Not empty” Lou's voice said nearby “just temporarily out of stock.”

“What?” Dawn snapped as the daemon stood up and walked over to him, yawning as he went.

“You’re not empty,” he said “you just need time.”

“How much?” Dawn growled watching Amelia as she unwrapped his bandaged left leg carefully.

“I don’t know.” Lou sighed, “I don’t know what's been done to you.”

“What are you taking about?” Dawn snapped Lou smiled gently.

“Well, either you have normal amnesia, which can happen and does quite often.” Lou sat down on the edge of the bed. “Or that thing that rules Paradise has messed with your head.”

“What?” Dawn shouted, his body arched as his skin darkened his eyes clenched shut Lou gripped his shoulders.

“Calm down.” He ordered Dawn's pitch black eyes opened as his body fell back onto the bed.

”How?” his voice snarled in Lou's mind the daemon winced.

“You have to try.” Lou pleaded.

“Why?” Dawn's voice growled as black lines began to snake across his skin.

“I’ll explain when you're calm.” Lou said firmly Dawn looked at him then he visibly tried to slow his breathing down Lou smiled in relief as the dark lines retreated and Dawn's eyes turned brown again.

“There” Dawn snapped “now what is going on?” Lou nodded.

“Okay,” he said still smiling, “as you know you are becoming a daemon and as a daemon your emotions can have a very physical impact on your body.

“You’re crazy” Dawn laughed “and I have no idea what you're talking about.” Lou laughed then looked up examining the ceiling for a moment then he stood and walked away from Dawn.

“It’s a little small in here but let me show you what I'm talking about.” Lou said as he began to unbutton his shirt, “I will apologize about this but I like this shirt and I preferably wish to wear it again” he folded it and put it on his bed. Dawn watched al of this closely his head tilted on the pillow. His eyes traced the black lines that that snaked across Lou's chest and back curling down his arms.

“Nice tattoo” Dawn said Lou smiled again.

“I was young” he laughed “once.” Dawn watched as he sat down on the carpet. “I hope you're ready for this.” Lou sighed Dawn frowned as he saw the tattooed lines begin to spread the colour bleeding together. Lou's body stretched and grew filling out around the shoulders and chest. Dawn watched in horror and amazement as the enormous black skinned creature ducked its head to avoid the ceiling, the large gleaming black eyes looked down at him. “This is why you must stay calm.” Lou's voice said gently in Dawn's mind, Dawn frowned then he sighed.

“Is that what I’ll look like?” the creature tat was Lou, cocked its head slightly then began to shrink again Dawn winced slightly as he heard Lou's screams in his head. He looked over the edge of the bed to see the daemon curled up on the carpet breathing hard.

“Are you okay?” he asked Lou looked up at him.

“Fine.” Lou said still trying to catch his breath, Amelia moved quickly and grabbed Lou's dressing robe from the end of the bed Lou pulled himself up his knees pulled up to his chest, as Amelia draped the robe around her masters shoulders. Dawn looked away as Lou stood up making sure the silk robe covered him properly. “Thanks” he smiled at Amelia.
“You’re welcome sire.” Amelia smiled.

“Dawn?” Lou said gently Dawn looked at him again, “you will most likely look like me, yes.”

“Do all daemons look the same like that?” Dawn asked.

“No Lou smiled sitting back down on the edge of Dawn's bed, “everyone looks different but similarities run in families.” Dawn nodded.

“So I'm related to you?” he said Lou looked at him a bemused smile on his face.

“You remember that?”

“No” Dawn replied “but you look like me and your little friend,” he pointed at the male daemon who was cleaning up the medical supplies around the bed. “Keeps calling me sire.” Lou grinned.

“You definitely didn’t lose your perceptive capabilities” Lou laughed “but you actually look like me,” Dawn frowned “you're my son Dawn” Lou frowned as Dawn looked away from him.

“Fair enough.” Dawn said dully.

“You didn’t accept it this easily last time.” Lou said Lou said taking a clean cloth from Amelia.

“I figure I'm either in a really realistic nightmare or this is only the beginning of a really bad situation.” Dawn growled Lou sighed then smiled as he wiped the small trickle of blood from the corner of Dawn's mouth.

“It will get better,” he said gently Dawn looked up at him and nodded sadly.

The End

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