Dawn in HellMature

Dawn felt a small bump as he landed on another bed stars flashed behind his closed eyelids.

“Oh” a female voice said nearby, “poor thing.”

“Don’t” Lou's voice said harshly Dawn opened his eyes to see a young woman looking down at him her red hair falling in her face.

“He’s hurt sire,” she said frowning.

“I know” Lou said smiling “but he's also very confused and in a rather fragile condition.

“I am not fragile.” Dawn growled Lou saw his eyes darken again.

“Calm down” the daemon said carefully, “I meant that your mind is rather delicate right now.”

“My mind is perfectly fine,” Dawn snarled “it’s my body that’s fucked.” Lou smiled.

“I know” he said pulling a chair up beside the bed and sitting down. “I have two trusted friends to clean you up. This is Amelia.” She smiled as Dawn looked at her still glaring. “The other little guy is around here somewhere.” Lou looked towards the door.

“He’s getting supplies sire.” Amelia said smiling at Dawn.

“Fair enough” Lou shrugged “I’ll introduce you when he gets back.”

“I want to go home.” Dawn said Lou sighed.

“You are.” He said.

“No” Dawn snapped “my real home.” Lou saw black hair thin lines appear in the whites of Dawn's eyes, mixing with the red of broken blood vessels.

“relax.” Lou ordered.

“I don’t want to relax.” Dawn snarled.

“please.” Lou said making his voice sound calm. “I will explain everything to you once you have been cleaned up.” Dawn's breathing was ragged. “For now I need you to stay calm.

“Or what?” Dawn's voice rose.

“Or I will knock you out.” Lou said his voice still calm, almost serene.

“Go ahead” Dawn dared, forgetting he couldn’t move.

“fine.” Lou stood up touching a finger to Dawn's left temple Dawn felt a slight buzz and his eyes rolled up.



Dawn stood at the edge of a cliff it was dark but a low light bobbed behind him.

“Well, here we are.” a female voice sneered he looked behind him and a pair of hands clamped to the sides of his head.


Dawn awoke to the sounds of his own shouts and screams tearing themselves from his throat.

“Dawn” Lou hurried over a look of concern marring his handsome face. Dawn was breathing heavily as his mind registered the pain his body was in. “are you alright?” Lou asked as Dawn tried to calm himself down.

“I'm fine.” Dawn snarled his eyes flicked down to see an open shirt and the clean bandages that wrapped around his chest. He growled to himself and pulled himself up.

“Dawn don’t.” Lou warned “you're badly hurt, worse than I thought in fact.”

“I don’t care.” Dawn said he clenched his teeth against the blinding pain that made him feel sick, “I'm going home.”

“Dawn” Lou sighed as Dawn stood for a split second before his legs gave out beneath him Lou bent down and lifted him easily gently putting him back on the bed.
“Your left leg is broken in three places, your right thigh fractured”

“What happened?” Dawn asked sadly.

“You fell.” Lou said softly as he covered Dawn with the thin blanket again.

“What?” Dawn snapped “what the Hell did I fall off?”

“You needed me” Lou said “and I wasn’t there.”

“Why would you have been there?” Dawn felt his world tilt and Lou saw the colour drain from Dawn's face as the angel closed his eyes.

“Dawn?” Lou muttered, the angel didn’t open them again. Lou sighed and brushed Dawn's hair back grimacing slightly at the feel of it. “good night my son” he sighed standing up he moved to the double bed in the centre of the large room and flopped down not even bothering to remove his boots he closed his eyes.

The End

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