An empty cup

If a life is nothing apart from what the mind perceives it to be, then procrastination is the religion of the masses, carelessness the metaphorical mantra of many and laziness the meaning of life. If we delay on making that all important decision and instead make a sandwich, the sandwich becomes the world and to give it your all, you make it a holy act, you put yourself in that sandwich and that's all that matters. How are we able to decide and judge what's squandered and wasted if every thing is merely an idea and every movement a notation on sheet music. The best moments in musical history are improvised, a reflection of the musician lost yet immersed in sound and plucking chords from nowhere, they don't think to play a certain note differently, all they can do is merely watch their body react to their senses and somehow, sometimes, as if a higher being was in control, it just works. That's an audible, visual and spiritual metaphor of procrastination in it's purest sense. Let's leave the psychobabble out of it and say it's just deciding to delay an action by doing something else, then that's life. We always have something to do and are always doing something else, if not then we aren't living, we would be at peace, we would be Zen, we would be dead. On a personal note I could have said all this because I should be looking for a job, I might not even believe it all and I'm just trying to convince myself I'm living life. But does that even matter? Like I said, let's leave the psychobabble out of it!

The End

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