Life in itself is nothing.

Life in itself is nothing.” Beyond these five words is a powerful meaning that lies beneath the mind's understanding. One could interpret Miley’s comment in several ways. I have pondered on this statement for a while, and landed in an empty space of no deffinition. Life is what you make it, a precious goal to strive amongst the other undead. Intangible in a way that society today takes for granted. Time is relevant, every movement is intricate clockwork. Squandering the seconds, the minutes, the hours; is merely any human's downfall. Life is the creation of a timeline, but time wasted, will in turn making it into nothing. On average (our economy being at fault) people do not realize how quickly days flit by. Until the clock strikes twelve, the time is to late. Possible productive situations have been smashed and aspirations are too late to fulfill.
The gift, to be able to breathe in the fresh air. To begin as if you will never manage the daily changes, but to be the only animal that will slowly develop senses and a functional system to adapt. Life is a deck of cards, a game to be gambled. It is the dealers choice, and you are the dealer. There are only so many cards to be thrown down. Much like the paths in life, but in this game, you can't turn back. Are you fit to be a king? A queen? Or maybe a smaller, less efficient figure. Choose wisely, or learn to defy the arts, become a magician. Real magicians do not use half witted tricks, that any simple minded fellow would. Foolishness is apparent when your deck of cards is left untouched. Carelessness, laziness, and procrastination will only turn futures into dust. Without the mixture of people thriving throughout the world, life would be worse than nothing. There would be no such words as "life" or the "living". The unexpected moments that race through life are like accidentals spread through out music. Play them right, a heart is only a metronome

The End

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