The PartyMature

Finally I had finished getting ready for Alicia's party. 

I arrived just as it had started, people dancing in the hallways and drinking strong alcholic drinks. I edged my way through them, desperate to find Alicia. 
And there, in the kitchen sitting on a counter casually, legs swinging gently was Alicia. Friends surrounded her, and you could tell she was irritated by this. When she saw me lurking in the doorway she gasped, eyes lighting up. I looked behind me - no-one was there. Was she really gasping at me?

Leaping off the counter, Alicia ran to me. It was obvious she was drunk, she was stumbling slightly and mumbling her words and giggling at random moments.
"OHHHHH HEY GIRL! Eurgh, they're so boring. You've saved me, girl! Quick, let's get you some drinks." She winked at me, and I grinned. I fancied her, she was beautiful but she was acting like a slut. She poured me some vodka, quite a heavy amount, and then a glass for herself. She downed it in one go, impressing me. She barely shuddered.
When I tried, it failed quite badly. I choked on it, spluttering madly. No-one but Alicia noticed, everyone else was dancing and talking. Suddenly, Mariah Carey's song, Touch My Body came on. 
Alicia smiled cheekily at me, and put her hands on my shoulders. She felt so soft, so gentle.

"Come for a dance?" She smiled, pulling me towards the centre of the living room.
"I-I-I-I, I can't dance!" I spluttered, still not over the vodka incident.
"Oh, who cares!" Alicia slurred, grinning.

We didn't really dance, we gulped down several more glasses of vodka, and then heavy bassline came on. Alicia rubbed up against me, and I threw my arms in the air. Everything was mad, but amazing. I'd never pictured myself doing this, but it felt so good.

Alicia turned to me, and ran her hands all over my top. She touched my breasts through my top, and it felt good. I was drunk but I remember all of the night so much.

Alicia took my hand smiling, and pulled me upstairs. She opened a door patterned prettily with flowers. It said, "Leesha's bedroom. Stay out, or else!"
But, I had gone in. And she seemed to want me to. I fell onto the bed and she rolled onto me. Her hands went down my top, and I felt a rush of pleasure and excitement.

How was I into this situation? Before I knew it, we were kissing and her hands were down my skirt, rubbing gently. I moaned with pleasure before rolling back over, and ripping her dress off.
She slid my panties down and the rest was a blur of fumbling and kissing. But it was all such a weird experience.

But, I ended up regretting it. 

The End

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